How to Score the Best Rates on Car Rentals in Australia

February 12, 2024, East Coast Car Rentals Blog Car hire tips and advice Tips

Are you planning a road trip or family getaway and looking to snag the best deal on a rental car? Look no further! Securing an affordable car rental in Australia can be a breeze with the right strategies in place. From booking early to leveraging discounts, there are several tips and tricks that savvy travellers […] full post

The Best Summer Holiday Road Trips From Sydney

November 4, 2022, East Coast Car Rentals #ThereStartsHere Sydney Tips

Summer is in the air and with the warmer weather comes the excitement to hit the road and explore the great New South Wales – one of Australia’s best road tripping states. With an endless number of options – East Coast Car Rentals is going to lay out The Best Sydney Summer Road Trips to […] full post

How to enjoy Adelaide in just 3 Days!

July 22, 2022, East Coast Car Rentals #ThereStartsHere Adelaide Road Trips Tips

Hidden away in Southern Australia, Adelaide is the perfect place to visit for a long weekend or extended holiday. Adelaide right now is all about café hopping, late morning brunches, and sipping some of Australia’s best wines. Pack something warm and cosy as the days are still a little cooler, but do not forget your […] full post

Exploring The Best of Kangaroo Island.

June 8, 2022, East Coast Car Rentals #ThereStartsHere Adelaide Tips

#ThereStartsHere Winner May 2022 Our brand motto #ThereStartsHere encapsulates the idea that everyone’s travel experiences are different and unique. East Coast Car Rentals wants to showcase the photos, stories, and memories created by each of our renters to show that we value all of our customers’ individual experiences. We’re here to help you plan your […] full post

What are the best things to do around Adelaide?

May 30, 2022, East Coast Car Rentals Adelaide Blog Tips

East Coast Car Rentals Adelaide Adelaide is quickly becoming more and more of an attraction to tourists across Australia, and round the world. But why? Adelaide is located in the heart of South Australia’s pristine coastline surrounded by some of Australia’s best wine regions, national parks, and marine life. This East Coast Car Rentals ‘Best […] full post