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eCar Subscription is your simple, hassle free alternative to buying or leasing a car. Our all-inclusive alternative offers flexible and tailored plans to suit your individual needs, making long-term car rental easier than ever. Our simple approval process will get you on the road in no time from any one of our 11 conveniently located East Coast Car Rental branches across Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Launceston.

What’s the difference between car rental and car subscription?

As we all know, car rental is great for holiday escapes, family road trips, or conferences up the coast. When you need long-term car hire, that’s where car subscription comes in! Life changes, so let us change with you. Growing your family or embarking an exciting new career? With a 90-day minimum subscription, we offer a range of vehicles and packages to suit your changing lifestyle, making new long-term car rentals accessible to everyone.

What makes car subscription so great?

Subscribe to a vehicle just as you would with Netflix, Spotify, or any other subscription services. Select a car that suits your lifestyle and budget from our wide range of quality vehicles, and we’ll see you every 90 days for your complimentary trade! eCar Subscription has the perfect car to compliment your day to day, and if your circumstances change you can cancel your subscription at any time.

New and Diverse Fleet

eCar Subscription has a range of new vehicles across all 11 East Coast Car Rental locations, with our fleet operating vehicles no older then 3 years. Select your perfect car from the latest makes and models that come fully equipped with all modern day features and technology. From economy sized cars, family SUV’s, hybrids, and people movers there is a subscription car for everyone.

eCar Subscription for Businesses

eCar Subscription is not only for individuals, but also operates a corporate subscription model. By providing tailored rate packages, our car subscription service is designed to work specifically within your company’s individualised requirements. This allows business owners to worry less about the commitment and depreciation of a company fleet, not to mention huge upfront costs. Its time to focus on what matters – growing your business!

eCar Subscription offers comprehensive Long Term Car Rental packages

Whether you’re a big city sales guru, new starter or international student studying and travelling Australia, our fixed weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment includes everything from vehicle servicing and maintenance, registration and insurance, roadside assistance and warranty. Additional extra’s and add-on’s allow you to customise a package until you find the perfect fit for you.

Looking to try a new vehicle? Bring your car in for a free trade every 90 days and try driving something new.

Is car subscription worth it?

When compared to buying, car subscription is very a competitive option. The newfound desire for increased flexibility has consumers looking for hassle free alternatives that rival the traditional methods of ownership. Unlike buying a car, your all-inclusive package includes vehicle insurance, registration, servicing, maintenance, roadside assistance and comprehensive warranty. It’s all taken care of!

eCar Subscription gives you access to a fleet of great vehicles for a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment, which allows you the flexibility of choice and financial freedom. No large upfront payments required, no car loans, no pre-approved loans, no novated lease, no need to worry about vehicle depreciation.

Our packages allow you to tailor them to suit your lifestyle, adding additional kilometres as required.

It’s your simple, risk free alternative to car ownership.

How does car subscription work?

Customise: Select your pickup location, choose your dream long-term car rental, select the plan that suits your requirements most, and add any additional extras you might need.

Collect: Visit your selected East Coast Car Rentals location and pick up your new ride!

Drive: Hit the road and enjoy your car subscription. See you in 90 days for your complementary trade in.

eCar Subscription. Launching soon!

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