1. Payment

All payments will be processed in Australian dollars. Please note, we do not accept cash for rental payment or for the rental bond.

We accept Visa, MasterCard credit and debit cards, as well as American Express. The use of American Express will incur a 2.2% surcharge. Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards do not incur a surcharge. International credit cards may also attract an International Transaction Fee from your financial institution.

1.1 Prepaid Bookings

If you have purchased and prepaid your rental on our website, the name and credit card details provided must be the same as the renters (driver). Please ensure that the renter provides a valid credit or debit card and drivers licence in their name at time of collecting the vehicle.

1.2 Pay on Arrival Bookings

On collection of your rental vehicle, payment is required in full.  This will include your car rental rate and any other services or options agreed to at the time.  Please ensure that the renter provides a valid credit or debit card in their name at time of collecting the vehicle.

2. Cancellations and Refunds

2.1 Prepaid Refunds

When booking directly with East Coast Car Rentals and choosing any prepaid option, you also accept the cancellation and refund terms of the booking, and the following associated fees:

  • Cancelling the booking 7 or more days prior to the collection date of the vehicle will result in a full refund of the purchase price and any credit card surcharges
  • When cancelling less than 7 days prior to the collection date, the cancellation fee will be equal to the sum of three (3) rental days as per the rental fee of the booking, and, if the notice provided is less than three (3) days, the full rental purchase price will be retained by East Coast Car Rentals
  • No refund will be provided on any portion of the purchase price if the Customer fails to pick up the vehicle at the day and time of collection
  • No refund will be provided for ‘early returns’ or ‘unused days’ when returning the vehicle earlier than the booked dates and times. Any unused portion of the Optional Extras purchased at the time of collection will be refunded to the Customer
  • Covid-19 affected travel and Cancellations: Where a customer’s travel plans have been severely affected or need to be cancelled due to travel restrictions as a result of Covid-19 e.g. interstate Border closures in place or announced, East Coast Car Rentals will refund your upcoming pre-paid rental in full. We will also refund any unused portion of your rental if border closures are announced and you need to abort your travel plans to return home Interstate.
  • Cancellations or amendments to the booking can only be made by phoning our Call Centre on 1800 028 881 or +61 (0)7 5555 8900. Amendment fees do not apply when making changes to the booking

2.2 Pay on Arrival Refunds

No cancellation or refund fees apply when booking directly with East Coast Car Rentals and choosing the Pay Later option.

3. Holding Deposit

As part of your rental purchase and at the time of collection of your vehicle, we will require a Holding Deposit to process your rental. A pre-authorisation will be made on your debit or credit card with the funds being held by your financial institution. The maximum amount held will be $1000.00. Upon safe return of the vehicle, East Coast Car Rentals will cancel the pre-authorisation. Please note the release of these funds is the responsibility of your financial institution and times can vary.

4. Liability Coverage

We recommend the following options to reduce your financial risk in the event of damage to the rental vehicle:

4.1 Premium Loss Damage Waiver [PLDW]

Our Premium Loss Damage Waiver reduces your risk down to ZERO in the event of damage caused to your vehicle. Please note, this product is unavailable on our 12-seater passenger vans. Our Terms and Conditions of Rental still applies. 

4.2 Loss Damage Waiver [LDW]

Our Loss Damage Waiver reduces your risk to a maximum excess of $500.00 depending on your chosen class of vehicle. Please note the 12-seater passenger van is reduced to a maximum excess of $1000.00. 

For guaranteed peace of mind, we recommend you select one of the two options above (PLDW or LDW) at the time of your booking or at our retail branch on collection of your vehicle.

4.3 Windscreen and Tyre Protection

Purchasing this cover will protect you from financial risk in the event there is damage to the windscreen and tyres of your rental vehicle. Please note the following definitions and conditions apply to this coverage:

  • The term ‘windscreen’ refers to the front windscreen. The windscreen at the rear of the vehicle is not included
  • Damage covered by this protection only includes chips, cracks or star breaks in the windscreen
  • The term ‘tyre’ refers to any one of the four tyres on the vehicle at any given time. Tyre damage only includes punctures, cuts and abrasions that have occurred due to normal driving conditions.

This option can be selected at the time of your booking or at the retail counter on collection of your vehicle. 

4.4 Premium Roadside Assistance

Our Premium Roadside Assistance Package protects you in the event something unexpected happens. While our standard breakdown service covers you for mechanical failure, this option will protect you when you just need a helping hand to get you on your way. We cover you for:

  • Tyre changing – help to fit your rental car’s roadworthy spare tyre
  • Lockout service – roadside assistance will attend to open your rental vehicle when the keys are locked inside
  • Emergency fuel – if you run out of fuel up to 15 litres will be delivered at no extra charge
  • Flat battery – in the event you have left your lights on and the battery is flat, roadside assistance will jump start your rental vehicle

We’re here to help you 24/7. Select Premium Roadside Assistance at the time of your booking or at the retail counter on collection of your vehicle.

5. Driver Requirements

5.1 Age Restrictions

It is a legal requirement that you present a current, valid driver licence on collection of your vehicle and a copy of your licence will be recorded for verification purposes. Age restrictions apply and the renter of the vehicle and anyone else wanting to drive the vehicle must be at least 21 years of age. A surcharge will apply to those drivers aged between 21 to 24 years-old. Please note, each driver of the vehicle must be listed on the Rental Agreement at the time of collection of your vehicle.

5.2 International Drivers

An International Driver Licence [IDL] is only accepted as a valid driver licence if it is recorded in the Roman Alphabet (e.g. A, B, C etc.). If your International Driver Licence is not recorded in the Roman Alphabet, we will also require an International Driving Permit [IDP] as supporting documentation. We may also ask for your passport to verify your IDL and/or IDP, or for identification purposes, and a copy will be kept for our records.

International drivers from China are also required to provide an International Driver Licence, but may use a China National Certificate [CNC] instead of an IDP as supporting documentation along with their national Chinese driver licence.

5.3 Provisional Drivers (Australia only)

Australian drivers holding a Provisional Licence (P-plate) may rent from East Coast Car Rentals under the following conditions:

  • The provisional driver must have held his/her licence for a minimum period of 12 months
  • A P-plate must be displayed on the vehicle at all times and in keeping with the rules and regulations of the state you are driving in
  • The Customer must purchase the Loss Damage Waiver [LDW] protection option at the time of collection of the vehicle
  • An age surcharge applies to all provisional drivers aged between 21 to 24 years-old and must be reflected in the Rental Agreement at the time of collection of the vehicle
  • The Customer must abide by the restrictions applied to their provisional licence at all times

5.4 Learner Drivers

Drivers holding a Learner Licence are not permitted to rent or drive vehicles with East Coast Car Rentals. Rental vehicles are not permitted to be used for the purpose of a driving test.

5.5 Additional Drivers

Adding additional drivers to your booking will incur a one-off charge per driver for each rental booking. Please enquire at the time of collection of your vehicle.

6. Local Renter Policy

First-time Customers of East Coast Car Rentals living within a 150 kilometre radius of the branch from which they are collecting the vehicle must provide a utility bill* not older than three months as proof of address. The residential address shown on the utility bill must match the address listed on the Customer’s driver licence. A Holding Deposit of $1000 is also required to secure the booking and a pre-authorisation will be processed on the Customer’s nominated debit or credit card. 

*A hard copy or digital version of the following utility bills are accepted forms of identification: electricity, gas, rates, water, phone and internet bills. 

Please note: previous Customers of East Coast Car Rentals are not required to provided a utility bill as proof of address. 

7. Driving Restrictions

7.1 Restricted Areas

Not all parts of Australia are suitable terrain for a rental vehicle and for your own personal safety, and to reduce liability of damage to the vehicle, we enforce strict conditions that limit use. You cannot take a rental vehicle;

  • On any unsealed road;
  • Above the snow line in Australia’s alpine regions;
  • Off-road;
  • Between mainland Australia and Tasmania in either direction, or into or out of the Northern Territory or Western Australia;
  • Onto any island with the exception of:
    • Kangaroo Island;
    • Stradbroke Island;
    • Magnetic Island;
    • Bribie Island;
    • Phillip Island; or
    • Bruny Island

Please note, any vehicle towing or recovery costs incurred while located on any of the islands and locations listed above will be at the Customer’s expense and we are unable to guarantee the provision of a replacement vehicle. 

7.2 Prohibited Areas


The following areas and locations are strictly prohibited from use:

  • North of Chillagoe or west of George town;
  • North of Cooktown or Laura;
  • On the Burke Development Road;
  • North of Maggieville;
  • On unsealed roads north and west of Mt Isa;
  • On the Bloomfield track; or
  • On the Savannah Way

Please refer to our Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions for further details. A copy of the Terms and Conditions will be provided to you at the time of collection of your vehicle.

Alpine Regions

Rental vehicles are strictly prohibited from use in the snow regions of Australia. A rental vehicle is prohibited from use above the snow line in;

  • New South Wales (being Jindabyne);
  • Victoria (being Bright)
  • Tasmania (being Cradle Mountain, Hobart)

Please note, any vehicle damage, towing or recovery costs incurred while driving in prohibited areas as outlined above will be at the Customer’s expense and we are unable to guarantee the provision of a replacement vehicle.

8. Toll Roads

Toll facilities are provided by East Coast Car Rentals. Our rental vehicles are tag-less and the licence plate is captured to identify when a toll road is used. Customers agree to pay all toll costs including the applicable charge for the toll road used as well as a service fee of $1.10 (incl. GST) for each toll charge. East Coast Car Rentals will debit your nominated card as soon as practicable after the relevant toll fees are incurred. Please note that fees will not be immediately charged once you have used the toll road. You will receive a tax invoice sent to the email address listed on the booking from East Coast Car Rentals detailing the toll amounts and administration fees. 

9. 24-hour Roadside Assistance (Mechanical Breakdown)

24-hour roadside assistance is available to all East Coast Car Rental vehicles in the event of a breakdown due to mechanical failure (excluding vehicles involved in an accident). To arrange roadside assistance please phone 1800 648 058 and quote the East Coast Car Rentals Service Number listed on the key tag of your vehicle: 0020101366.

For further details on our Premium Roadside Assistance package please read the ‘Liability Coverage’ section under item 4.

10. Additional Equipment

East Coast Car Rentals understands embarking on a road trip can involve some vital equipment. That is why we have taken great care in selecting the safest and most convenient options available for our Customers.

10.1 Standard Baby Seat*

Suitable for newborns and children up to 18 kilograms and can be installed forward or rear facing.

10.2 ISOFIX Baby Seat*

Unlike a standard baby seat which require the use of a seatbelt to secure it in place, the ISOFIX Baby Seat is directly “plugged” into the connecting points of a vehicle. ISOFIX baby seats are suitable for newborns and children up to 18 kilograms and can be installed forward or rear facing. 

10.3 Child Booster Seat*

A Booster Seat is designed to raise the child so that the lap-shoulder belt of the vehicle is correctly and safely positioned. The Booster Seat is suitable for children aged from four (4) years-old up to seven (7) years-old.

*IMPORTANT: Child Seats

It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure the appropriate child seat or seats are selected and fitted for children travelling in the rental vehicle. East Coast Car Rentals takes no responsibility for fines, injury or death, or any other loss associated with failure to have a child seat fitted in the vehicle or failure to safely restrain children in the rental vehicle. We take no responsibility for the proper installation and/or adjustment of child seat restraints.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to comply with all mandated seatbelt and child seat restraint laws applicable to every State or Territory in Australia. Police infringements may be issued to the driver of the vehicle for any unrestrained occupants, including incorrectly fitted and adjusted child restraints.

10.4 GPS-Unit

Pick up a GPS unit when collecting your vehicle for easier navigation of Australian roads. A GPS unit is a great option for Customers reluctant to use a bulky map or waste valuable mobile data.

11. ‘One-way’ Rentals

A one-way rental is the collection and return of a rental vehicle from one retail location to another. One-way rentals are subject to availability and a service fee applies. This fee will vary depending on the class of vehicle and the pick-up and drop-off locations.

12. Refuelling Charges

All rental vehicles must be returned with a full tank of fuel. A refuelling service fee will apply to those vehicles returned with less than a full tank of fuel.

East Coast Car Rentals is committed to ensuring our rental vehicles are equipped with a full tank of fuel on collection. Due to operational requirements however, there may be certain cases in which we are unable to provide this. In these instances, it is the requirement of East Coast Car Rentals that the Customer return the vehicle with the equal amount of fuel as recorded at the time of collection of the vehicle.

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