Book with confidence knowing East Coast Car Rentals is a proud member of the AFIA Rental Group, the members of which are comprised of the leading car rental companies in Australia. All AFIA Rental Group Members have committed to delivering enhanced protections for their customers via the release of a National Car Rental Code of Practice. This code was developed to provide greater transparency and enhanced consumer confidence around car rental practices. East Coast Car Rentals and the other car rental company members of AFIA stands by this Code of Practice.

AFIA, together with its Rental Group members like East Coast Car Rentals, see the Code as key to reinforcing consumer confidence by ensuring its’ members undertake open, fair and honest dealings with customers, providing assurance that they can expect the highest level of professionalism and integrity when using an AFIA member. The full AFIA Car Rental Code of Practice can be read by clicking here. Note only AFIA members have agreed to uphold this code.

The AFIA National Car Rental Code of Practice also states that members like East Coast Car Rentals should have a clear process to allow customers to raise complaints and for these to be resolved in a fair and timely manner. In all cases we encourage customers to:
1. Raise your complaint directly with the local branch you have rented from. Many complaints can be resolved immediately or with some further investigation at the branch level.
2. If this is not practically possible or you are dissatisfied with the explanation or resolution offered at branch level please email our Customer Service and Complaints team at or call us on 1 800 028 881 or +61 (0)7 5555 8900 .
3. Our Customer Service and Complaints commit to having an initial answer to you within 3 working days and a resolution to most complaints and queries within 7 working days.

If after that process you believe East Coast Car Rentals have not dealt with your complaint fairly or you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, we encourage you to lodge a complaint with AFIA’s “Australian Car Rental Conciliation Service”. Their conciliation service page and online complaint form can be found by clicking here