DRIVE THE PACIFIC COAST (Gold Coast to Cairns)

July 17, 2024, East Coast Car Rentals #ThereStartsHere Blog Road Trips

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey along Queensland’s stunning Pacific Coast, from the Gold Coast (GC) to the lush tropical wonders of Cape Tribulation. This family adventure is packed with exciting activities, breathtaking sights, and unique experiences that will leave both little and big kids with memories to cherish. Explore at your own […] full post

Headed to Vivid Festival? Here are some tips.

May 17, 2024, East Coast Car Rentals #ThereStartsHere Sydney

The Sydney Vivid Festival is a spectacular annual event that transforms the city into a canvas of light, music, and ideas. To make the most of your experience, proper planning is key. Here are some tips to help you navigate and enjoy the festival, with a special mention of East Coast Car Rentals for your […] full post

1727km road trip in a Polestar 2 EV

January 22, 2024, East Coast Car Rentals #ThereStartsHere Blog Road Trips

This article was written by Josh Raymond and first published [verbatim] at I have an old car. An I.C.E. car. A 1999 Holden Commodore. Vintage and burgundy. An internal combustion engine. A V6. It’s not just a Commodore though, It was a car, and an idea of a car conceived in a wholly different world. […] full post

On the water with Whangarei Girls Sailing!

October 5, 2023, East Coast Car Rentals #ThereStartsHere

The Whangarei Girls Sailing Team recently competed in the 2023 Interdominion Team Sailing Championships, held in Sydney. East Coast was proud to sponsor the team in helping them get to the racing venue, by providing one of our 12 seater minibuses. Team Sailing is a huge sport for schools in both New Zealand and Australia […] full post

4 Fun Road Trips Just out of Melbourne

September 22, 2023, East Coast Car Rentals #ThereStartsHere

Melbourne is jam-packed with things to see and do, but this action-packed destination also offers so much more with just a short drive out of the city. Get a taste of the Yarra Valley Just a short, one-hour drive from our Melbourne CBD depot and you will find yourself in the natural wonderland that is […] full post

Best Way to Spend a Weekend in Newcastle

January 20, 2023, East Coast Car Rentals #ThereStartsHere

Slowly becoming a popular holiday destination for weekenders and holiday goers from across the country. Located a 2-and-a-half-hour drive North of Sydney the laid-back beachy vibe town of Newcastle has everything you need to make for a great weekend! To make sure you spend your weekend enjoying the beaches, café hopping, taking in the rugged […] full post

5 Reasons to Visit the Gold Coast

December 22, 2022, East Coast Car Rentals #ThereStartsHere

The words “Gold Coast” alone bring a feeling of sun, sand and fun, so it’s no surprise this city is one of the most popular travel destinations for domestic and overseas holidaymakers. So grab your beach gear and jump in your Gold Coast car hire because we’ve come up with five awesome activities for you […] full post

Gold Coast To Byron In 3 Days

December 22, 2022, East Coast Car Rentals #ThereStartsHere

Savour the best of Australia on the Gold Coast and all the way to Byron Bay, from lazing on spectacular beaches to dining in a food lover’s paradise. Escape to the cooler climbs of the rainforest or kayak in the open sea surrounded by dolphins. The options are endless. Cruise the beach and savour the […] full post

The Best Summer Holiday Road Trips From Sydney

November 4, 2022, East Coast Car Rentals #ThereStartsHere Sydney Tips

Summer is in the air and with the warmer weather comes the excitement to hit the road and explore the great New South Wales – one of Australia’s best road tripping states. With an endless number of options – East Coast Car Rentals is going to lay out The Best Sydney Summer Road Trips to […] full post

There, Starts Here. Road Tripping Tasmania

October 7, 2022, East Coast Car Rentals #ThereStartsHere Launceston

Each month East Coast Car Rentals gives away a $500 CASH prize to one lucky renter. Our #ThereStartsHere photo competition aims to inspire renters all across Australia to explore our vastly unique and diverse country. Your ‘here’ starts with us at East Coast Car Rentals, but everyone’s ‘there’ is different! Exploring and sharing your special […] full post