Book Your Car Early

Plan ahead and make your booking as early as possible to secure a rental car. This is because during the peak seasons or some on-going special events, the availability of rental cars can be scarce. After all, you really have nothing to lose if you make your reservation earlier, as you do not have to pay anything until you get your car. So, book now and If you change your mind later, just cancel your booking at least 7 days before the pick-up date and we will charge you nothing.

Reduce Your Liability

No matter how careful you are, sometimes accidents do happen. We recommend you to take out our Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) to reduce your liability. As long as you do not break any traffic rules or regulations to involve yourself in an accident, or breach any terms and conditions of the rental agreement, our LDW would significantly limit the amount of damages you have to pay.

Specify Additional Driver

If you are going to have more than one person driving the car, please specify any additional driver(s) that you have. In the event of an accident, if the driver of the rental car is not named in our contract, any LDW purchased would be void. Therefore, please include any additional driver(s) that you may have during the booking process or inform us when you pick up your car at our office.

Allow More Time During Peak Season

To avoid delays, organise well to allow yourself some buffer time for collecting and returning your car, especially during the peak seasons. At peak times, it may take longer than expected to wait for your turn to get served at our office. Try to select a suitable pick up or drop-off time to allow yourself more flexibility such that you do not have to rush to the airport or other destination. While you are in our office, enjoy our free Wi-Fi service while you wait.

Observe and Obey The Traffic Rules

Traffic Infringements can be very costly and inconvenient. On top of paying for the fine, issued to you by the Australian authorities, you are also required to pay us an administrative fee for handling the time-consuming paperwork involved. For your own safety and pocket, please do not go over the speed limit or break any traffic rules or regulations.

Pay Your Parking & Fines

It helps to find out beforehand where you can park. Always remember to pay your parking. Do not park illegally and if you unfortunately receive a fine, please pay on time to avoid further penalties or charges. If we have to process your fines, you will be required to pay an administrative fee.

Child and Booster Seat

Depending on the age of your child travelling with you in a car in Australia, by regulation, you may require either a child seat or a booster seat for your child. A front/rear facing baby seat is suitable for a newborn weighing up to 18kg. Whereas, a booster seat is suitable for a toddler weighing between 14kg to 26kg. Both the baby and booster seats are available for hire from us.

Required Age & Surcharge

To hire and drive our car, you must posses a valid appropriate driver’s licence and be at least 21. There would be a young driver surcharge if you are between 21 to 24 years old.

Roadside Assistance

24 hour roadside assistance with RACQ/RACV/NRMA is covered in all rentals. Please note that a ‘human error call out’ will incur a $110 (GST included) service fee. For example, keys locked in car, out of fuel or lights left on and battery becoming flat.

Upgrade Your Rental

Confirmed reservations can be altered and are subject to availability. We reserve the right to alter the cost of the rentals when things such as dates, length of hire and/or vehicle category are amended. All rates, including specials and discounts provided in confirmed Reservations are valid only at the time of issue and thus changes to a reservation may be subject to a re-quoting of hire costs and incidental charges.


We provide courtesy Tourist Maps, upon request, for all our rentals. For those customers who need accurate directions, we recommend choosing to rent a GPS unit for a nominal daily charge.