CEO urges Australians to book early for Christmas 2020

October 29, 2020, carly Media Uncategorized

East Coast Car Rentals CEO, Daniel Kearney, is encouraging all Australians to book early for Christmas and the January holiday period, and beyond, with a surge in interstate travel expected to outstrip supply across the industry. Mr Kearney said the situation was compounded by a significant industry-wide depletion in fleet sizes as a result of […] full post

4 places to stop on your road trip from Melbourne to Sydney

April 2, 2020, Chester S Melbourne Road Trips Sydney

  There are two options when deciding how to get from Melbourne to Sydney – flying or driving – but there’s only one real winner. By hiring a car with East Coast Car Rentals, you not only eliminate worry about the logistics of a flight, you also get to take your time stopping off at […] full post

The best places to see the stars on a clear, Adelaide night

February 28, 2020, chris Adelaide Fun Road Trips Unusual destinations to drive to

  Are you planning a stargazing trip this summer? Adelaide is a fabulous spot, because it’s not only a cool city, but it’s also a central location from which to base your nights spent staring up. If you’re flying into Adelaide and want to get out and about to the best stargazing spots around South […] full post

Essential Australian road trip slang

February 10, 2020, chris Fun Tips

  The hardest thing about exploring Australia in a car isn’t getting lost; it’s understanding the locals. Aussies have their own vocabulary when it comes to driving and most of it sounds pretty confusing to overseas visitors. If you are in Australia for the first time and looking to hire a car, here is a handy guide to some of […] full post

The East Coast road trip: Winter edition

January 31, 2020, contentadmin Brisbane Gold Coast Sydney

One of the great things about Australia is the glorious weather. Holidays here are associated with golden sand beaches, warm water and alfresco dining. But, even during the winter months, when air fares are lower, demand for accommodation eases and there’s more room on the sand – there’s still plenty to do. Here’s what we like […] full post

The best national parks along the east coast

December 28, 2019, contentadmin Uncategorized

It’s no secret that the east coast of Australia is a magnet for tourists. Beyond the city centres and the popular theme parks, the east coast is home to some of the country’s most exquisite national parks, each with incredible hikes and sights tucked within their treelines. Royal National Park This list wouldn’t be complete without a […] full post

5 reasons not to miss the Gold Coast on your next trip

December 6, 2019, contentadmin Gold Coast

The words ‘Gold Coast’ alone evoke beautiful images of sun, sand and fun. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations among Australians and those visiting from overseas alike.  Getting bored simply isn’t possible in this shiny corner of Oz, and we’ve come up with five awesome activities for you […] full post

5 unmissable places to visit along the Great Ocean Road: an Australian classic

November 8, 2019, contentadmin Uncategorized

There’s little point arguing past the Great Ocean Road when it comes to the quintessential Australian road trip. Famous the world over, the Great Ocean Road was built as a permanent memorial to those who lost their lives during the First World War. It stretches almost 250 kilometres, hugging Victoria’s southern edges. Though it can be driven […] full post

How long does it take to travel the East Coast of Australia?

December 17, 2018, Chester S Cairns Gold Coast Melbourne Road Trips Tips

  Driving from Melbourne to Cairns, you’ll discover 4,000 km of coastal beauty along the eastern edge of Australia. Whether you start at the bottom in Melbourne or work your way down from Cairns, the journey along the coastline offers up plenty of adventures. So when organising your hire car from Melbourne or Cairns, how […] full post

Australia’s surfing sweet-spots suitable for beginners

August 22, 2018, Chester S Adelaide Fun Road Trips Surfers Paradise Sydney Tips

  If you fancy trying out a new activity on your Australian road trip, why not give surfing a go? You’ll be in good company, with up to 2.5 million surfers in Australia, according to the Sweeney report, and that’s before you include the tourists. Whether taking your east coast car hire south to Adelaide, or […] full post

15 fun things to do when you’re stuck in traffic

April 29, 2018, Chester S Fun Tips

  Picture this: you’re off on a road trip. You’ve got your car hire in Sydney sorted and have been driving for a while. All of a sudden, you find yourself stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. How can you turn this nightmarish scenario into something fun? All it takes is a little imagination… […] full post

4 of the best country pubs near Brisbane

April 23, 2018, Chester S Brisbane Road Trips

  Country pubs tend to exude feelings of warmth and comfort. After a sports game or a challenging week at work, they’re a great place to relax and unwind with an ice-cold pint or a hearty meal. Hire a car in Brisbane, select your designated driver and wet your whistle at one of these classic […] full post

7 quirky facts you didn’t know about Melbourne

December 11, 2017, Chester S Melbourne

  For anyone who’s ever been to Melbourne, the appeal of Australia’s cultural capital is obvious. There’s so much to see and do around the sprawling metropolis, and when you have a rental car to get around in, you’ll have an even better time. You’ll be able to reach more of the city in a […] full post

4 stunning places to watch the sun rise on Australia’s east coast

March 31, 2017, chris Road Trips Tips

  The east coast is a prime spot for sunrises. Every morning, the sun pops its head up over Australia, treating onlookers to a colourful display (weather permitting) in the sky. If you are road tripping down the coast, set your alarm and be out of bed early to catch sunup in one of these […] full post

The top 5 places to see whales on Australia’s east coast

March 23, 2017, chris Road Trips

  Between May and November, something magical happens along Australia’s east coast. Some of the world’s largest mammals start to make their way along migratory routes that stretch for thousands of kilometres, gracing lucky onlookers with a glimpse of their massive forms. Driven north by Antarctica’s winter chill, humpbacks and southern right whales roam the […] full post

6 apps you need for road trips in Australia

March 13, 2017, chris Fun Road Trips Tips

  Your best friend will always have a special place in your passenger seat, but your smartphone might be the ultimate road tripping companion. With the right apps, you can fit all of the information you’ll need for your trip in the memory space on your mobile. Getting lost, not knowing where the next petrol […] full post

5 waterfalls worth chasing on Australia’s east coast

February 20, 2017, chris Uncategorized

  Never mind sticking to the rivers and lakes you’re used to; chasing waterfalls is always a stellar adventure. Water might be a scarce resource in many parts of Australia, but the island continent still manages to hide a cache of waterfalls that will pique your imagination, soothe your soul and jazz up your Instagram […] full post

5 natural wonders in Tasmania worth the trek

February 8, 2017, chris Fun Road Trips Tips Unusual destinations to drive to

  Tasmania was greedy when Australia was dishing out the natural attractions. From granite crags to white sand beaches, every corner and crevice of the island shelters something worth discovering. Finding your way around all of the natural features of Tasmania isn’t easy, though, which is why you’ll need to hire a car. With a good […] full post

3 animal species you’ll meet on the east coast

December 28, 2015, chris Brisbane Cairns Sydney

Animal-loving Australians are spoiled for choice when it comes to the sheer amount of options for wildlife interaction that the country has to offer. These three animals are some of the most exciting and unique creatures in the world and you can meet them right here in Australia when you traverse the East Coast for a summer road trip. […] full post

3 must-do scenic drives along the Sunshine Coast

July 1, 2015, chris Sunshine Coast

There’s something blissful about driving along a picturesque coastline or winding your way through lush green mountains. Sunshine Coast is home to scenic drives that let you enjoy both types of views, often only an hour long. Once you’re done seeing them and back in Sunshine Coast, you can still keep the fun engine running […] full post

3 wonderful islands off the coast of Brisbane

July 29, 2014, chris Brisbane

When you’re visiting Brisbane, why not check out some of these stunning islands, just off the coast? They have a lot to offer, from stunning walks to historic sites. full post

The best rooftop bars in Surfers Paradise

May 17, 2020, Chester S Gold Coast

  After a long day seeing the sights of the Gold Coast, nothing beats a well-earned drink. But with so many incredible vistas to enjoy both day and night, it’s a shame to just stay on floor level. So instead, with our expert help, discover some of the best rooftop bars in Surfers Paradise, where […] full post

Australian rental car company offers hundreds of vehicles to essential service staff

April 3, 2020, lloyd Media

East Coast Car Rentals is offering its fleet of vehicles to essential service workers at heavily discounted weekly rates to ensure safe transport to and from work by reducing their exposure to COVID-19 on public transport. The move will see East Coast Car Rentals offer a flat weekly rate of $50 for all vehicles – […] full post

What are the hottest spots between Brisbane and Cairns?

February 20, 2020, Chester S Brisbane Cairns Road Trips Tips

  You’ve just booked your rental car from Cairns. The first leg of your road trip down the East Coast of Australia is beginning. However, do you know the hottest spots to check out before reaching Brisbane? Bundaberg You might have heard of Bundaberg rum. Or maybe Bundaberg’s Lemon Lime and Bitters, Ginger beer or other […] full post

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