About Mount Tamborine

Located to the west of Surfers Paradise and less than one hours drive from either there or from Brisbane Central, Mt Tamborine is a place of beauty, never-ending views and a haven of markets, cafe's and stalls.

In recent years it has become popular with visitors and many new Spa's and Retreats have opened. Songbird's Rainforest Retreat combines all of the natural elements of the area with tranquil settings, organic cooking and luxurious accommodation. So popular in fact is their restaurant that weekends require bookings well in advance as many of the regions locals choose this as an ideal getaway.

The population of Mt Tamborine has boomed in recent years as along with the rest of the Gold Coast, property has been sort out by southern state residents looking to make the sea change.

To find that perfect accommodation, please visit TamborineMountain.net.

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