If you’ve never owned or even driven an EV before, renting one can be a daunting experience. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right preparation, you can jump into a Tesla, Polestar, Cupra or Kia EV with confidence.

Let’s address the most common concern about renting an EV in Australia shall we?

Many Australians voice concerns over the availability of chargers throughout the country as well as the range capacity of EVs. We’re here to tell you that many of these concerns stem from the early days of EV use and that the range of modern EVs AND the charging network have improved significantly.

At the time of writing, the national average cost for a litre of regular, unleaded petrol, is $197.2. That’s $118.20 for a 60L tank! Now depending on how you choose to charge an EV and what company you charge with, you can get a full charge for anywhere between $18 – $40. If you’re really lucky, you can even find chargers at no cost!

Right, so you’re keen to rent an EV… we want to make sure you’re armed with all you need to step into that car with confidence. So here are a few apps we’d recommend you download first. If you’re comfortable with your routes and know where you plan to charge, we’d also recommend setting up and activating the relevant charging apps prior to you picking up your car so when you arrive at a station, you can ensure a quick and easy experience.


If you only ever download one EV-related app, make it PlugShare. This essential app has a comprehensive map of every charger in Australia, showing real-time availability. Use PlugShare to identify convenient public charging points, plan long journeys, and connect with other owners to share helpful charging station info.

Download it here: PlugShare – EV Charging Station Map


With over 200 charging locations and a growing network of partners, Evie delivers an EV fast-charging network using 100% renewable energy to Australians wherever they work, shop and play.

Download it here: Download the App – Evie Networks


EasyPark is the ultimate car parking app, revolutionising the way you find and access parking spaces during your travels. Say goodbye to the hassle of paying at meters and the risk of overpaying. What sets EasyPark apart for EV owners is its seamless integration of electric charging information. In addition to showing available parking spaces, EasyPark also displays details about the size and availability of electric charging stations. This means you can conveniently park and power up your EV at the same time, making your journey more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Download it here: https://download.easyparkgroup.com/


Owned and operated by the NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAA, RAC and RACT, Chargefox provides Australia’s largest network of EV charging stations. We suggest pre-downloading this app, setting up your account AND requesting a Chargefox RFID card. This will ensure that if you’re phone was flat, or you’d lost it, that you can still charge your EV rental. Make sure you give yourself a few weeks for the card to arrive!

Download it here: Australia’s largest EV charging network | Chargefox


Planning a trip and need to book accommodation where you can keep charged? The handy EVHotels app is your trusted travel companion. Created to help electric vehicle owners find hotels with charging points, EVHotels shows accommodation with chargers on-site and within a short, customisable walking distance.

Download it here: App to Find Hotels with Electric Car Chargers | EVHotels

Other EV Charging Apps worth mentioning

BP Pulse
Ampol Amp Charge

Now you’re set up with your accounts and access to hundreds of Australian EV Chargers, all you need to do is book your EV rental and enjoy your trip!