Kalgoorlie was the site of one of Australia’s great Gold Rushes, when in 1893 Paddy Hannan made the first discovery. Although none of those first shacks and shanty’s still stand, the presence of Hotels, Clubs and Watering Holes in the town still remains. In fact, its location has meant that it is now a major service hub for the region.

Actually, from that initial find, the town has continued to mine for Gold and the initial claim has since become the ‘Golden Mile’, the richest gold producing, square mile ever discovered. Many early settlers, hoping to strike it rich, died in the harsh conditions and with water a scarce resource, it was for a time more valuable than the gold itself … how sadly ironic.

Today, tourists to the region still fossic in permitted areas, in the hope they will find that lucky piece of rock, but the main extraction is from a huge open-cut pit that runs along the entire eastern side of the town, operated by KCGM.

To read more about Kalgoorlie visit Kalgoorlie Tourism.

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