Road Rules and Safety Tips

We have listed here some of the basic points as a guide for safer driving whilst in Queensland. You will find some of this information useful as well as practical. For a more detailed overview, plus further rules, instructions and tips, visit the websites of State transport departments, such as Queensland Transport.

Road Rules and Driver's Guide

Keep Left - Rules applying to driving on the left hand side of the road.
Seatbelts - Seat belts save lives. Buckle Up.
Speed Limits - Obeying Speed limits.
Road Signs - An overview of road sign used in Queensland.
Roadworks - What to do when encountering road works.
Trucks and Wide Loads - Sharing the road with large vehicles.
Accidents - What to do when you observe or involved in an accident.
School Zones - Special safety hints for school areas.
Animals - Living hazards on Queensland roads.
Fatigue - Driver Fatigue and its dangers.
Alcohol and Drugs - Alcohol and drug use effects on driving.

Driving Information By State

Queensland - the Sunshine State.

New South Wales - the First State.

Victoria - the Garden State.

Tasmania - the Apple Isle.

South Australia - the Festival State.

Western Australia - the Real Thing.

Northern Territory - Outback Australia.

Driving Distances and Destinations

Queensland Driving Distances Chart