“The Opal Capital of the World” as it is often referred to, Coober Pedy lies 846 kilometres to the North of Adelaide, just over half the way to Alice Springs. opal was discovered here in 1915 and since then has been supplying the world with the majority of the gems.

Its small population of just 3,500 has a diverse cultural background, with over 45 nationalities represented. The strangest thing about Coober Pedy is that much of the town is built underground, including many of the Hotels and Motels. This is due to the intense day time heat and the icy desert nights. By having the homes in the ground they take advantage of the earths resilience to the outside temperatures.

The town, although primarily focused on Opal mining, has become popular with tourists and many have left with jewelry that has been made from the stones they themselves have found as part of an organised fossicking tour.

To learn more about the fascinating and unique town of Coober Pedy, visit the Opal Capitals website.

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