In 1826, Albany became Western Australia’s first settlement, surprisingly three years before even Perth. Its sheltered and safe port allowed anchorage for many of the earlier explorers, replaced shortly by the whalers of the 19th and 20th centuries. One of the Ironies of the region is that in recent decades it has turned towards whale conservation and tourism in direct contradiction to the towns history.

Albany was also the gathering point for some 30,000 ANZAC troops in 1914, prior to heading of to fight in Gallipoli. This was the sight for the very first official Dawn Service, a tradition that is carried out to this day, to celebrate and give thanks to those that gave their lives in the war.

The area, also known as the Great Southern Region, covers 40,000 square kilometres of some of the most awe inspiring scenery in Australia. Whether on the changeable coast or experiencing the four season and lush beauty of the inland areas, Albany has something for everyone’s taste.

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