The Port Arthur settlement originally began life as a Timber Station. With the best source of labour in the area being convicts, the penal system was expanded until in 1842 over 1100 convicts were residents, manning such projects as ship building, brick making and even the huge flour mill and granary.

Although the last convict was shipped out in 1877, those that chose to make home in Port Arthur, realised that a living could be earnt with the growing tourist trade, wanting to experience the intriguing history and life of the penal colony. Even to this day, tourism remains the main source of income for the area.

Unfortunately, Port Arthur is best know in the minds of modern day Australians, for the atrocities of 28 April 1996. On that fateful day, a young Hobart man with a high powered weapon, killed 35 innocent people and injured many more, all of this without apparent reason or cause.

To learn more,  please go to Port Arthur website.

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