Australia is home to many beautiful, yet wild animals. Unfortunately, many of these are drawn to the warmth of the bitumen and can often be seen laying about on the tar.

Most snakes, lizards and frogs are far too small to cause any damage to your vehicles, but many are already endangered and should be avoided if safely possible. Our larger animals such as wild Brumbies and kangaroos can cause major damage to your vehicle and extra care needs to be take when driving at night on many of the roads around Queensland.

Road Rules and Driver’s Guide

Keep Left – Rules applying to driving on the left hand side of the road.
Seatbelts – Seat belts save lives. Buckle Up.
Speed Limits – Obeying Speed limits.
Road Signs – An overview of road sign used in Queensland.
Roadworks – What to do when encountering road works.
Trucks and Wide Loads – Sharing the road with large vehicles.
Accidents – What to do when you observe or involved in an accident.
School Zones – Special safety hints for school areas.
Animals – Living hazards on Queensland roads.
Fatigue – Driver Fatigue and its dangers.
Alcohol and Drugs – Alcohol and drug use effects on driving.

Driving Information By State

Queensland – the Sunshine State.

New South Wales – the First State.

Victoria – the Garden State.

Tasmania – the Apple Isle.

South Australia – the Festival State.

Western Australia – the Real Thing.

Northern Territory – Outback Australia.

Driving Distances and Destinations

Queensland Driving Distances Chart