Driving in Rockhampton

One of the most unusual things about Rockhampton is that the City Council owns and operates the Rockhampton Airport. In 2000 the runway was extended so that the Airport can handle both Domestic and International flights. This innovative approach has meant that Rockhampton has fast opened its doors to an influx of tourism with those wishing to explore Far North Queensland.

Known as 'Rocky' to the locals of Queensland, it is also know as the Beef capital of Australia and hosts an annual Bull riding event that takes place through the city streets.

Founded in 1855 and on the back of a mini gold rush, the city was formally gazetted in 1902. Much of the early development and architecture make the city a living museum and much is heritage listed

Rockhampton is a beautiful place to explore and is the epitome of the term 'the outback meeting the reef'. Read more about Rockhampton.

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