Australian rental car company offers hundreds of vehicles to essential service staff

April 3, 2020, lloyd Media Uncategorized

East Coast Car Rentals is offering its fleet of vehicles to essential service workers at heavily discounted weekly rates to ensure safe transport to and from work by reducing their exposure to COVID-19 on public transport. The move will see East Coast Car Rentals offer a flat weekly rate of $50 for all vehicles – […] full post

5 reminders for road trips with Rover

July 19, 2019, contentadmin Uncategorized

Whether you’re tooling down the Bruce Highway on your way to Cairns or the Pacific Motorway that links Sydney to Newcastle, it’s always enjoyable to get from here to there with someone you love and who loves you. And it’s safe to say that no four-legged companion adores you more than your dog. Like cereal […] full post

The best national parks along the east coast

June 21, 2019, contentadmin Uncategorized

It’s no secret that the east coast of Australia is a magnet for tourists. Beyond the city centres and the popular theme parks, the east coast is home to some of the country’s most exquisite national parks, each with incredible hikes and sights tucked within their treelines. Royal National Park This list wouldn’t be complete without a […] full post

Staving off sickness on your road trip

June 6, 2019, contentadmin Uncategorized

The east coast of Australia is one of few places in the world that provides a picturesque road trip opportunity all year round – even in winter. However, nobody is immune to the coughs and colds that come with the changing season. Here, we break down our tips for staving off winter sickness on your road […] full post

The wild attractions of Kangaroo Island

May 16, 2019, contentadmin Uncategorized

Despite the name, you’ll find a lot more to this island than just kangaroos. A veritable zoo when it comes to wild life, Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest offshore land mass and is home to animals, humans and some great experiences. The best thing? With a ferry ready to transport you and your Adelaide hire car across […] full post

5 sights that make the Great Ocean Road an Australian classic

May 9, 2019, contentadmin Uncategorized

There’s little point arguing past the Great Ocean Road when it comes to the quintessential Australian road trip. Famous the world over, the Great Ocean Road was built as a permanent memorial to those who lost their lives during the First World War. It stretches almost 250 kilometres, hugging Victoria’s southern edges. Though it can be driven […] full post

3 reasons to visit Brisbane this winter

July 19, 2017, Chester S Uncategorized

  In the year ending 2016, Brisbane welcomed a record breaking 6.8 million visitors to its shores, as found by a Tourism and Events Queensland study. It shouldn’t come at too much of a surprise as the city is full of incredible things to do and see! Be sure to book your car rental in […] full post

Cowboys, koalas, and giant mangoes: the best stops on your trip through northern Queensland

June 8, 2017, chris Uncategorized

If you've travelled through northern Queensland, you'll know that while the region offers some of Australia's most beautiful rural landscapes, the drive can feel endless if you're putting in hundreds of kilometres a day. Northern Queensland is Australia's agricultural hub, producing the vast majority of the nation's crops. Sugar cane cars rattle by your rental […] full post

How to escape the crowds at Sydney’s beaches

April 28, 2017, chris Uncategorized

  Visiting Sydney’s beaches is one of the best (and cheapest) activities you can do in the Harbour City. However, as places to see and be seen, the city’s shorelines are usually crowded with people. Anyone who has been to Bondi beach on a summer afternoon knows what it is like to see unending rows of towels lined up […] full post

Cool down with the best water parks on the east coast

February 21, 2017, chris Uncategorized

  With the summer heat due to stick around for a bit longer, there’s nothing better to beat the rising mercury than by diving into the water – and we’re not talking about the sea. Australia’s east coast is a treasure trove of water parks, which can be a great family getaway as well as […] full post