Pickup Instructions for Jet Star, Virgin, and REX Arrivals:

Take advantage of our complimentary airport shuttle bus service to get to East Coast Car Rentals’ Sydney Branch:

After you have collected your luggage please call 1 800 474 258 or (+61) 07 5555 8908

Traveling Internationally? Conveniently download our step-by-step guide here to have ready when you arrive.

Step 1

Upon exiting the aircraft follow the airport signs to the baggage claim area. You will use the escalator on your RIGHT to exit to the baggage claim. At the bottom of the escalator you will see a sign that says, “Catch Airport Link” turn RIGHT here to collect your bags.

Step 2

Once you’ve collected your bags walk underneath the red “Sydney help desk” sign making your way to carousel #3, where you will exit the building. On your way you will pass carousel #2 continue straight until you reach #3.

Step 3

Once you’ve reached carousel #3, turn RIGHT. Exiting the building make sure you stay on this side of the road looking for a blue and gray information sign.

Continue right exiting the building.

As you exit the building turn left.

Step 4

Staying on this side of the road turn LEFT at the information sign. Following the sidewalk until you reach a sign that says, “Coaches Bays 1-3 & shuttle Bays 4- -11.

The sign you’re looking for will look like the one below.

Step 5

Walking down the sidewalk you will pass T2 Limousines on your RIGHT and Jet Star Arrivals on your LEFT, continue STRAIGHT. You’re doing great, and almost there!

Step 6

Turn RIGHT and use the crosswalk to cross the street once you’ve reached the Coaches and Shuttle sign.

Safely cross the crosswalk.

Step 7

At the “Bays 4-11” sign follow the arrow, turning LEFT making your way to another crosswalk.

Continue straight.

Step 8

Follow the sidewalk, passing the “Emergency Assembly Area” sign until you reach another crosswalk.

Step 9

Walk past the “Domestic Loading Dock” sign on your left and cross the street. In the distance to your right you’ll start to see the shuttle bus pick-up area.

Step 10

Head underneath and around the stairs. On your RIGHT you will see the shuttle bus pick-up area.

Step 11

You’ve made it! If one of our welcoming shuttle bus drivers isn’t here already, they will be shortly. Thank-you for renting with East Coast Car Rentals, we hope you enjoy your time here in Sydney.