Pick Up instructions:

When you arrive at the Sunshine Coast Airport, collect your luggage and call 1 800 474 258 or Int. +61 (0)7 5555 8908.

Traveling Internationally? Download our Step-by-step instructions to have ready prior to your arrival here…

Step 1

As you enter the terminal turn LEFT to collect your bags.

People standing inside the Sunshine Coast Airport looking towards the information desk with an yellow arrow pointing to the left.

Step 2

Collect your bags here at one of the two carousels in the terminal.

An empty Sunshine Coast Airport Terminal baggage claim area with a yellow arrow pointing towards the baggage claim.

Step 3

Once you’ve collected your bags turn 180 degrees to EXIT the building using the doors located next to the Information Desk.

People sitting inside the Sunshine Coast Airport. Facing the exit with a yellow arrow pointing straight in the direction to leave.

Step 4

Exiting the building you will turn RIGHT.

A glass door at the exit of the Sunshine Coast Airport with two yellow arrows. One pointing straight and the other pointing right outside of the building.

Step 5

As you exit the building you will see a CAR RENTAL sign in the distance – continue STRAIGHT towards it.

On the side walk outside of the Sunshine Coast Airport. Three white vehicles in the distance. A Green Car Rentals Sign highlighted in Yellow.

Step 6

Continuing past the CAR RENTALS sign you will reach a JET STAR ARRIVALS sign – DO NOT go any further than this. One of our welcoming staff will be here shortly if they are not already. Thank-you for renting with East Coast Car Rentals.

 A white van that says East Coast Car Rentals on it. Over-hanging Jet Star Arrival Signs, and text that says, WAIT HERE.