Please follow the Step-by-step instructions to reach our East Coast Car Rentals Brisbane Airport Complementary Shuttle for your Domestic Qantas Arrival Flight.

After you have collected your luggage please call 1 800 474 258 or (+61) 07 5555 8908 to arrange your Free Shuttle Pickup to our Brisbane Airport Car Hire Branch.

Preparing for your flight? Download a printable PDF version of our Step-By-Step Qantas Arrival Guide to have ready for your arrival.

Step 1:

Once you’ve collected your bags EXIT the terminal through the glass doors at Baggage Carousel #2 making your way to the Skywalk.

Baggage carousel #2 inside airport terminal.

Step 2:

Exiting the terminal turn RIGHT making your way to the Skywalk.

Four interior photos of an outdated Brisbane car hire branch. Images are divided into four squares by a yellow outline.

Step 3:

Continue STRAIGHT to access escalator to the Skywalk.

Yellow arrow indicating to use the lift to access the Skywalk

Step 4:

Turning LEFT make your way up the escalator to the Skywalk.

Yellow arrow indicating to use the lift to access the Skywalk. Taxi and airport carpark in the background

Step 5:

At the top of the escalator turn RIGHT.

Escalator reaching the first level of the airport Skywalk.

Step 6:

As you enter the Skywalk continue STRAIGHT following the signs to the Train, Bus and Coach area on your right hand side.

Airport directory sign with yellow arrows directing to continue straight.

Step 7:

At this sign turn RIGHT to follow the signs to the Bus and Coach Area.

Step 8:

Take the escalator back to ground level following signs to the Bus and Coach A-B area.

Step 9:

Continue STRAIGHT towards the information directory.

Step 10:

You are now in the Shuttle Bus Pickup Area. Turn 180 degrees to wait for your Shuttle in the Zone A Red.

Airport directory sign with Meeting Point Zones indicated.brisbane domestic airport shuttle pickup picture eleven

Step 11:

The bus you are looking for will look similar to this one – please wait here while one of our welcoming drivers arrives.

White East Coast Car Rentals shuttle outside of airport parking lot.