Heading to Melbourne for a getaway? Be sure to check out the vibrant nightlife scene. With bars, lounges and clubs galore, you will want to stay out until the sun comes up.

Here are some joints you may have heard of and some that are hidden spaces just waiting to be discovered – but just be sure to leave your rental car at home so you can have fun and stay safe!


This bar is a hub for creative souls who love the art scene to gather and relax. A Brunswick warehouse was repurposed to create Howler, and the outdoor beer garden, with lush foliage, metal planter boxes, brick walls, wooden benches and a glass ceiling, is a real highlight.

The bar is also an amazing spot to discover local artists, designers, musicians and filmmakers, with events commonly taking place to showcase these creators. October sees comedy events, spring break cinema and musical duos heading to Howler.

The Luwow

The Luwow is a bar unlike any other and is an experience and attraction in and of itself. Journey through the islands of the Pacific with the bold Tiki decor combined with rum and cocktails, vintage beats that will have you grooving, and a fantastical restaurant and bar.

The island village and forbidden temple (otherwise known as lounge bar and main room) are where you can step into the shoes of Indiana Jones, sip on your King Mai Tai and listen to live music, such as Barbara Blaze.

State of Grace

Built in 1889, this bar is definitely a hidden gem. The walls are covered with an eclectic mix of decor and the tables and chairs are a mix of old school glam and modern funk. Haphazard adornments create a charming space that's at once homey and welcoming as well as utterly cool.

The European inspired menu is a wonderful aspect of the bar – so if you're looking for a place to eat before you hit the town, this could be it. 

But that's not all. When you venture down the marble staircase, you will find the bar Fall From Grace, which has stunning and ornate chandeliers and a drinks list that has all of the classics as well as a few surprises such as Shipwrecked – made out of dark rum, gold rum, white rum, mint, apple, lime, bitters and ginger beer, this strong drink will have you feeling like a pirate!


For a bar that is utterly chic and has one of the best outdoor beer gardens in the city, head to Metropol. Enjoy the warmer weather outdoors with the sunshine yellow accents and modern decor. The team behind Metropol has a passion for creating a light and welcoming space that can be enjoyed with a group of friends.

This is another place where you really should try the food. The Grazing Menu is inspired by South America, particularly Argentina, with hints of Spanish and Italian flavours. The food is divine, with dishes such as the provoleta, tortilla de papas and empanadas mouthwateringly delicious.

Alia Art House

Alia Art House is one of the top places to go for live music in the city. The local bar, that has a distinctly retro vibe, strives to showcase the latest and greatest undiscovered talent from around Melbourne. 

The bar itself feels like you have entered into a hidden treasure, with purple, red and gold mood lighting, interesting paintings, booth seating and a well stocked bar.

Open until 4am Thursday, Friday and Saturday you can enjoy the energy and innovation of local talent right through the night. This is the venue for album release launch parties and so much more. You'll be treated to a selection of DJs, musical surprises, cheap drinks, amazing visuals and dancers.