The Gold Coast is home to some hidden delights, including some truly wacky museums. A visit to these attractions will, no doubt, show you another side of this sunny holiday destination. Check them out with your friends and have a grand old time!

The Wax Museum

On the Gold Coast is the largest wax museum in the Southern Hemisphere. Meet many familiar faces, including scientists and explorers, movie stars, singers and world leaders. The figures have been dressed in authentic clothing and are remarkably realistic.

Take your camera along and confuse all your friends back home – they will think you've actually met and had your photo taken with Kylie Minogue and Croc Dundee.

If you want to take a walk on the dark side, check out The Chamber of Horrors. Here you'll see some spine chilling displays, including torture devices, real shrunken heads and get a look at historical documents such as Hitler's will. 

Ripley's Believe It or Not

Do you want to venture into the underbelly of the world? Head to this museum and be amazed by the crazy things that exist in the world.

In the Odditorium you can see everything from a wedding dress made out of toilet paper to Tibetan skulls. There are 15 themed galleries, 400 exhibits, interactive games, figurines, illusions and artefacts to discover and explore. 

Robert Ripley was utterly engaged by that which is weird and wonderful. He made it his mission to gather together things that are undoubtedly exciting and show them off to anyone who dares to enter. Some of the exhibits may seem unexciting to begin with, but upon closer inspection blow your mind. As Ripley said, "Some of the most wonderful things in the world will seem dull and drab unless you view them in the proper light."

Gold Coast War Museum

For an interactive and extensive display of Australia's military history, head to this museum. There are many surprising delights to be found here, that will make your trip that much more exciting.

Check out the military shows and take part in a reenactment group. Private collections and lifelike displays will give you an idea of what it felt like to be at battle. The Scorpion Tank, Fox Armoured Vehicle and 105 Howitzer are just some of the pieces of equipment that are here, totally intact and run well.

Take part in your very own friendly battle with a round of paintball! Scattered throughout the outdoor course are a whole variety of disused war weaponry, including tanks and a powerful helicopter. Centrally located in Mudgeeraba – just a short drive in your car hire out of the city – this is said to be on of the best places to play!