You’ve heard their crude, cutting and award-winning humour in South Park. You’ve seen them do controversial (hilarious) things at awards shows around the world. Now, Trey Parker and Matt Stone bring their comic genius to the Australian stage with ‘The Book of Mormon’.

All the way from Broadway to Melbourne, ‘The Book of Mormon’ brings a lot of hype. It lives up to that hype. Easily.

All the way from Broadway to Melbourne, ‘The Book of Mormon’ brings a lot of hype. It lives up to that hype. Easily. It’s one of the most enjoyable stage shows in modern history, and it will offend just about everyone. But Parker and Stone get away with it, because they write genuine care into the characters, and everyone on the stage is lovable in their own way.

Your next Melbourne holiday should include a night out at this incredible stage performance.

Heartwarming satire at its finest

The story focuses on two Mormon elders who are sent to Uganda on a missions trip. They quickly find out that they’re out of their depth, with a local General wreaking havoc and creating a desperate feeling among all the village people.

The two young men start bending the truth of the Mormon story in order to quickly convert these troubled people so they can get out of there with their … bodies intact. Anything that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are involved in is going to have some insensitivity (or a lot) thrown in, so of course this musical is rife with it. How it’s done is part of the genius of the performance though – everything is cut down, not just the things we often view as controversial topics. Even texting is torn apart.

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Record-breaking musical comedy in Melbourne

You might not be a fan of musicals or stage performances in general, but ‘The Book of Mormon’ has been so popular in Australia that it’s just something you have to experience.

The Princess Theatre, home to the musical, reports it has been the highest-selling play in the 159-year history of the venue. So many people, domestic and international, can’t be wrong. It has also won Parker and Stone nine Tony Awards and has graced the stage in London. It will be moving to Sydney on February 28, 2018 to continue its Australian tour.

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