Australia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, with over 6.6 million people visiting the continent in 2014 alone, according to Tourism Australia. That’s a rise of 7.9 per cent on the previous year, and so many people can’t be wrong. For such a vast, diverse country, and one with so much to see and do to boot, getting around can prove something of a problem.

By hiring a vehicle from East Coast Car Rentals, you can traverse much of this beautiful land at your own leisure, cherry picking the sights and sounds that you want to experience for yourself rather than those that have been chosen for you – it really is the best way to see this one-of-a-kind country. 

The freedom of Australia

Taking to Australia’s wide-open, expansive roads is an experience unlike many others. The otherworldy, unspoiled natural beauty of much of the continent demands to be explored at length, and you won’t want to feel rushed by the timetable of some tour guide as you explore your surroundings. The freedom, flexibility and the chance to go precisely where you want to are just some of the reasons to drive your way across Australia. 

The rigid agenda of travelling with specific tour companies can severely hamper your Aussie experience, dampening any sudden burst of spontaneity you may have. Want to go and explore the ancient cave in the distance, the one shrouded in mystery and intrigue? If you’re in a car, go right ahead. With a tour company? Sorry, we haven’t got the time. Just make sure you stick to the roads which are properly formed and sealed – you wouldn’t want to damage the car, would you? You can always park up safely and hike to the destination – it may be more fun that way!

New scenery, every day 

You’ll also get to pick and choose where you rest your head each night, and with a massive range of hotels, B&Bs, lodgings and all manner of quirky accommodation scattered across Australia, you won’t be short of options. Of course, this means that you aren’t confined to any one spot during your holiday in Australia, so that each morning when you open your eyes, you’ll be greeted with a different view to the last. And with Australia’s dizzying array of landscapes – sky-piercing mountains, crystal lakes, ghostly billabongs and shimmering beaches – the variety is such that it’s an impossibility to get bored.

Australia is home to some of the finest road tripping opportunities in the world. The famous Great Ocean Road, the world’s biggest war memorial which stretches 243 kilometres between Melbourne and Adelaide, is perhaps the best-known of them all but, as is the magic of road trips, devising your own route offers the ultimate in freedom.