If you're looking for a warm place to spend your winter that's full of fun, Cairns is the place to be.

Winter here spans from June to August and makes for the perfect holiday climate. In fact, this is the most popular time to visit the city. With clear skies and warm temperatures, you can head outdoors to take part in adventure activities or it might be the perfect time to dust off your golf clubs. 

In July the average maximum temperature is 26 degrees Celsius and only drops to about 17 degrees. So even in the middle of winter, you can enjoy these water-based adventure activities:

Whale watching

Make the most of whale watching season by heading out on one of the local tours. The humpback whale season peaks from July to September. During this time, about 4,000 whales migrate from the cold Antarctic waters to the warmer waters of Australia's east coast. 

Reef Magic Cruises is just one tour provider that will take you out to see these majestic mammals. This company started their whale watching tours in July 2009. It was the first to offer such an experience, and patrons weren't disappointed – in the first season, all but one of the tours were able to have a memorable whale encounter, making a 99 per cent success rate.

With this company, you will board a boat that's been specifically chosen to provide the best views of not only the whales but the beautiful seas and coastline. While you get up close and personal with these creatures, your experienced tour guide will fill you in about all of the fascinating facts about humpback whales, including their biology and habits. The tours last about 3 hours and leave at 9:30am. Make sure you pack your hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and camera to get some great holiday snaps.

Crystal Cascades

You simply can't miss out on this amazing secret of Cairns. It's one of the best swimming spots in the North Queensland that locals have become very fond of and travellers often seek out.

The freshwater pool is something to behold. For a start, the water is beautifully clear, hence the name. It's also surrounded by lush rainforests and magnificent boulders, and is fed by a number of small waterfalls. With trees hanging low over the water, the whole area is saturated with soft, filtered light. The water is cool and fresh, it's wonderfully refreshing on a hot, dry day. 

Continue your day at the nearby picnic tables. Plan your lunch before you head out, grab yourself some gourmet goodies and after your swim and exploration of the forest satisfy your rumbling stomach with a holiday picnic.

It may take a bit of effort to find this magical hideaway. The main way the water hole is discovered is by talking to the locals or following the staggered road signs. 

It's important to know there is no public transport to the area. If you're considering taking a taxi, you won't only have a high expense, but there is no cellphone reception, so getting a lift home may prove difficult.

The recommended mode of transport is to hire a car in Cairns. Along with having access to the water hole, you'll also have the space to pack your picnic hamper as well as your togs, towels and if you're taking your kids along, their water toys. You could also take a snorkel to explore underwater. See the schools of friendly fish live in these waters.

When you're got your ride, first find the the Red Beret Pub in the suburb of Redlynch – this perfect swimming spot is just 10km from there. The entire drive from the city centre will take you just 25 minutes.