We all know that superheroes are usually busy saving the world, but we’re pretty sure they deserve (and would love) a break from time to time. It seems that they’re always being met with dastardly villains wherever they go, so hopefully, a trip to the Land Down Under might be quiet enough to give them a bit of relief from their hero antics.

Of course, to prevent people from pointing and staring, they’ll need to tone it down on the whole attention-drawing presence that follows them. This possibly means doing normal human things, like driving cars without a turbo-charged engine and even taking the bus. Let’s take a look at which Australian states a few of our favourite superheroes might prefer to visit.

hatchback car with roof racks installed
Stressed superheroes need to hang up their world-saving coats and hire a car for a nice, relaxing weekend or two.


In a black billowing cape and pointy bat ears, he cuts an imposing figure that makes even the most hardy of men weak with terror. With the sole purpose to bring down corruption in Gotham City, Batman shies away from no tricky situation, instead tackling them head on with a reckless abandon.

However, it’s important to realise that when he retires after yet another winning battle with baddies and hangs up his cloak, the guy beneath the suit is only human. It proves that there are no limits to what a mere mortal can achieve, but it’s also his greatest weakness.

Therefore, we think that the billionaire Bruce Wayne deserves a good break in Australia. There’s certainly nothing he can’t afford, but this time it may just be easier for him to relax if he isn’t gallivanting off on yachts with groups of beautiful ballerinas.

So where would the Caped Crusader visit? Why, none other than Batmania, of course!

You’ll probably know this area by the modern-day name, Melbourne. However, for a brief period in the 1800s, part of Melbourne had been dubbed Batmania, after the founder of the name, John Batman. This lasted less than a year, but had it have stuck, Australia would have had it’s very own Gotham City (though hopefully less corrupt)!

Unfortunately, due to certain parking restrictions, it would be unwise for Bruce Wayne to cruise the streets with his beloved Batmobile. The best sort of car he could hire would probably be a metro car, something along the likes of the aptly named Suzuki Swift. It’s small enough to zoom along easily, and could also fit his Bat-suit if he came across any crimes. Hopefully, he doesn’t blow it up!


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Apr 16, 2015 at 9:08am PDT

The Hulk

He may have anger issues which led to the creation of his big, green alter ego, but that’s only more reason the Incredible Hulk, a.k.a. Dr Bruce Banner, needs a holiday to relax and unwind.

Grossly misunderstood due to his terrifying size, the Hulk would benefit with some sun, whereas in human form, Dr Banner could do with a tan at one of the many scenic beaches on the Gold Coast. It’s a chance for him to rest his overworked brain as a super-genius in nuclear physics.

Apart from sun-tanning on a beach, when he’s in an angered rage, the Hulk has the option to thunder around the lush Hinterland of the Gold Coast. There’s lots of sprawling space for his big green girth to run around, and he’ll also blend into the environment so he’s not scaring local residents and tourists alike.

Unfortunately, there’s no car of Hulk-appropriate size to get around, and we doubt he’d ever find one (being eight-foot tall in his most angered form), but Dr Banner could possibly rent a hardy SUV for when he’s about to encounter road rage or something equally maddening. With a relaxing getaway planned, though, surely this won’t be the case!


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Feb 26, 2015 at 10:18am PST

Black Widow

Let’s not forget about the women who help to save the world too. They may not be equal in numbers but they certainly make up for it in the beauty department. The Black Widow is no exception – stunning red hair and clad head-to-toe in black, she’s sure to need a break some time or another from being in the spotlight.

Under the name of Natasha Romanova, this heroine ignites simultaneous lust and fear within the hearts of her enemies. She’s a deadly weapon, an excellent master of disguise and assassination. However, that’s sure to be tiring once in a while, and so a road trip down to a quiet, beautiful beach will be what this fiery spy needs.

In a compact car perfectly suitable for her slender frame, it’s time for Natasha to take a break from being badass – starting with a drive from the airport down to one of Sunshine Coast’s many spa retreats.

After all, every girl needs a bit of pampering, and especially so if they’re saving the world from dangerous masterminds during working hours!


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Feb 27, 2015 at 1:29pm PST