From our humble origins as cavemen marvelling over fire to our current status as top of the food chain, there is one thing that has appealed to humankind throughout its entire history: a juicy slab of meat. While the traditional trawl through the McDonald’s drive Drive-Thru is a road-trip staple, sometimes what you need is a good old fashioned steak.

If you’re truly passionate about steak, why not hire a car and make it your mission to eat your way across the east coast?

Luckily, Australia is ripe for the picking when it comes to decent grills. If you’re truly passionate about steak (or if you’re just reading this on an empty stomach), why not hire a car and make it your mission to eat your way across the east coast? A tender cut of beef from any one of these restaurants is bound to satisfy even the pickiest of meat-eaters. 1) Rockpool Bar and Grill, Sydney It almost feels dishonest to call this place a bar and grill. Set in an American art deco skyscraper designed by famous Australian architect Emil Sodersten, the Rockpool feels opulent and high powered. If you’re wanting to treat yourself to an amazing night with even more amazing food, this is the place to be. This restaurant prides itself on its produce, dry ageing its meat. Furthermore, the Rockpool only buys humanely raised cattle with no growth hormones and antibiotic feed supplements. When it comes to steak, you won’t be left wanting. The menu offers a huge range of cuts from different kinds of beef, including Wagyu and grass fed. Neil Perry, the brains behind the whole operation, recommends sharing steaks across the table, so you can see which types you like best. Treat yourself to a Mad-Men-style splurge and dine on some of the finest meat Sydney has to offer.

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2) Dutchess, Melbourne Described by David Hagger in The World Loves Melbourne as “playful and fun”, this restaurant is great for people who want a relaxed evening with sumptuous food and chilled out music. Inspired by the food scene of New York, the Dutchess has a huge range of steak, as well as burgers, seafood and a delicious cocktail list. From smaller, 150-gram eye fillets to enormous 600-gram pasture fed rib eyed cuts, meat lovers will not be disappointed. Made with premium grass-fed beef, each steak goes through the dry ageing process. There’s also a raw food bar serving sashimi and steak tartare. With a casual yet elegant ambience, Dutchess is a wonderful place for a laid-back dinner with your road-trip party. You’ll find this restaurant on 146 Flinders St. If you live in Melbourne, hire a car and start your steak tour here.
3) Norman Hotel, Brisbane Cleverly calling itself ‘the worst vegetarian restaurant in Brisbane,’ the Norman Hotel is a true culinary experience. You start by choosing your own meat from the enormous chilled display cabinet. Then, watch as the experienced chefs grill it to your liking right in front of you. Serving grass-fed wagyu and Angus beef saturated in decadent sauces such as mushroom, pepper and chilli, this is the perfect steakhouse for those looking for a fun, lighthearted meal to satisfy their inner carnivore. Furthermore, Norman Hotel has several Christmas specials so you won’t have to miss out on a good lunch if you’re on the road for the holidays.

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