Australia’s undisputed capital of cool, Melbourne has it all when it comes to drinking and dining out. If you’re in Melbourne, be sure to take advantage of your wheels to visit some of the city’s most delicious dining experiences.

Don’t know where to start? From dessert degustation to trams restaurants, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite unusual ways to dine in Victoria’s capital city.

The Food Truck Park

Every weekend, The Food Truck Park in Preston dishes up tasty fare from around the world out of assorted truck windows.

Offerings are as different as they are delicious.

While the venue and service might not be fancy, no corners are cut when it comes to what’s on the menu. The park selects a different theme each week, and the offerings are as different as they are delicious. Themes have included a sweet-tooth festival, a meat fest, an American feast, and Asian street food.

The venue is fully licensed, so enjoy a beer or cider while you chow down in the converted warehouse seating area.

Fancy Nance’s High Tea

There’s no shortage of places to enjoy high tea in Melbourne, but Fancy Nance’s High Tea, just off Chapel Street in South Yarra, is a truly innovative dining experience.

The brilliant creation of Adriano Zumbo, Australia’s favourite celebrity pastry chef and the man behind the “zumbaron,” this degustation experience begins with sweet samplings and finishes with savoury items. The concept might sound strange, but trust us – once you’ve had your meal front loaded with layered verrines, cookies and scones, you’ll never want to go back. Each weekend, Zumbo Cafe plays host to Fancy Nance, where diners can soak in all things pink and fabulous. Flamingo murals, teacup chandeliers, plush blue velvet booths, and an open kitchen make this venue stand out as one of our favourite in Melbourne. Lentil as Anything With restaurants in Abbotsford, St. Kilda and Thornbury, Lentil as Anything is cuisine with a conscience. At Lentils, as the locals call it, guests pay what they feel their meal and experience is worth. If you have a lot and are inclined to donate, then do, but if you are struggling, you can offer a small donation or dine for free.

The whole idea behind Lentil as Anything is food without borders. By eliminating monetary, racial, and socioeconomic barriers, diners can come together to enjoy their meal, each other’s company, and the virtue of generosity. The first Lentil as Anything restaurant opened in St. Kilda in 2000 and has been serving up scrumptious vegetarian cuisine ever since. Colonial Tramcar Restaurant If you thought the Food Truck Park was the holy grail of mobile dining, wait until you check out the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant, where the venue actually moves. The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant is a delicious marriage of two quintessentially Melbourne pastimes: trams and dining out. The fleet of historic vessels cruise around while diners enjoy a seasonal menu as well a range of Australian wines and a fully stocked bar in the car’s converted booths.

Operating at lunch and dinner times, the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant makes its way through the CBD and nearby suburbs like Albert Park, South Melbourne and St. Kilda. Like all trams, this one might get stuck in traffic, but we don’t think you’ll mind.

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