Everyone loves a good burger. From fresh vegetarian black bean burger to a juicy beef pattie, the options are endless. And, in Brisbane, it’s highly likely that you’ll be hungry from your road trip, so what better food to chase down than a delicious burger or two?

There’s plenty of burger joints to pick from, though, and variety is just the tip of the iceberg. Here is a list of amazing burger places that you’ll want to stop at when in Brisbane.

Ben’s Burgers – 5 Winn Street, Fortitude Valley

Who doesn’t love supporting a small, local business? Ben’s Burgers may be small, but their burgers speak volumes.

An American style joint, you’ll find that the selection on their menu all have that homemade quirk about them. They even brew their own cherry cola and ginger ale! Talk about dedication to flavour.

With a classic, cheesy or  veg burger to choose from, you’ll easily find that it’ll cater to the tastes of almost everyone on Fortitude Valley.

Chur Burger – 20 Constance Street, Fortitude Valley

Move over bacon and eggs, it’s time for a breakfast burger! After all, breakfast literally means to break a fast, and hence, is the most important meal of the day – why not make it a momentous occasion by starting off with a mouth-watering Mexican-inspired creation from Chur Burger?

You’ll see these burgers get created in front of your own eyes at the burger bar! The breakfast burger is complemented with a breakfast beer also, but if you venture into this place past midday, definitely tempt your tastebuds with their iconic Chur Beast burger.

To top it off, Chur Burger also have an express joint, right in the heart of Brisbane CBD.

Miss Kay’s – 185 George Street, Brisbane CBD

It’s time to let the female burger bars have the spotlight for a while. If you’re after a greasy, Americano burger, look no further than Miss Kay’s. You’ll find a vegetarian Austin Flowers concoction, a beautifully crunchy Ludakrisp alternative or, for the brave, there’s the whopping $35 Big Kay’s Challenge burger, stuffed with five patties!

Think you can make it, or would you prefer to just snack on fried chicken and waffles whilst watching others attempt it? Just grab a table and Miss Kay will sort your hunger out.

Collective Kitchen and Bar – 369 Ann Street, Brisbane CBD

Did someone say food? Did someone say burger? But most importantly, did someone say bar? If you want it to be yes to all three, well, Collective Kitchen and Bar will soothe all your consumption needs.

Here, you’ll find a range of local craft beers and delectable, hearty food to warm your heart. Let’s just say pork belly curry and let your tastebuds decide, shall we?

Collective Kitchen and Bar also have a function room for parties and such. If you are planning on hitting up Brisbane for a friend’s birthday or other celebration, make sure they know that such a delicious place can host!

Ze Pickle – 1 Prospect Street, Fortitude Valley

It’s yet another hipster-type burger joint, but trust us, you seriously can’t go wrong at Ze Pickle. If not for the hilarious name alone, you’ll soon see that everything on their menu was cultivated with a sense of humour (Pablo Escoburger, ba dum ching) and good taste – literally!

Of course, no burger here comes short of pickles, but if it’s not your favourite burger filling of choice, just wash it down with juicy cocktail or two. 

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Jan 14, 2017 at 4:18pm PST

Grab a car, two friends and burgers for three

When you’re after some buns, Brisbane is the place. After that exhaustive list, you’re bound to be craving some burgers! It’s definitely an experience you can’t just read about, so hire a car and hunt down these burgers today.