Never been to the Harbour City? Sydney is a must-visit and there are many attractions here that should form part of your bucket list.

Here are some of the adventures and hidden gems you should include on your journey to this beautiful and magical city.

Sydney Opera House

This is perhaps the city's most iconic location, located across the glorious harbour. While you are sure to snap a few photos of its pointy roof, why not go to an opera here?

This is, of course, the building's original function and Opera Australia regularly put on some great shows here.

Alternatively, you can take a tour of the Opera House and discover for yourself the magic, histories and stories located within its hallowed walls.

Scale the Harbour Bridge

You may not be the first to achieve this feat, but it is sure to be a thrill when you tick it off your list!

This bridge is not just a symbol of Sydney, but of Australia. Even its construction is a legend of its own that fascinates both tourists as well as Sydneysiders themselves.

Planning for the bridge is believed to date as far back as 1815 but it really kicked off just after the First World War when Dr JCC Bradfield presented his new design to the New South Wales Government.

Construction kicked off in 1923 and it took more than eight years to build, opening on March 19, 1932. It now carries eight lanes of traffic as well as two rail lines – but you will be able to get a closer glimpse as you climb up its sides.

Walk from Coogee to Bondi

This coastal walk is around six kilometres long and features stunning beach views. Not to mention the opportunity to visit local parks, rock pools and cliffs – there is nowhere quite as scenic to stop for a wee break or have a refreshing swim.

Most of the beaches you will encounter along the way offer picnic shelters, play areas, toilets and change rooms. Certain beaches, including Coogee, Maroubra, Tamarama and Bronte also feature free electric barbecues. You could pack a picnic into an esky and leave it in the car you hired in Sydney while you explore all the area has to offer.

The walk itself takes around two hours to complete, and a further hour and a half if you keep going all the way to Maroubra. However, once you get to Bondi you may find it hard to turn down the opportunity to go snorkelling, sunbathing or swimming.

This is a completely urban walk so you will get a really good feel for the city. However, it will leave you exposed to the elements so make sure you pack a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen and wear comfortable shoes. Water is another must as it is important to keep hydrated while you walk.

Taronga Zoo Sydney

If it's good enough for Prince George, it's bound to keep your attention! This zoo is located in the perfect spot that will allow you to get views of the Harbour as you surround yourself with wild African animals and cute local creatures.

A highlight of this zoo is that it allows you to get close to some of the animals – you could feed a giraffe, hold a koala or have a unique encounter with an owl.

You could also consider doing the Roar'n'Snore an overnight experience that will allow you to wake up to one of the best views the city has to offer.

This experience makes the zoo well worth a visit and cements its place on the must-do list when you are in Sydney.