Heading out on the open Australian highway for an epic road trip is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but even so, there are certain things that the intrepid explorer should know before firing up the engine of your East Coast Car Rentals hire vehicle. Here are the most important things to bear in mind as you traverse Australia’s great landscapes, unrivalled scenery and wild countryside.

Australia is a big place 

Even Australians themselves may not realise the sheer size of their country. At 7.6 million square kilometres, it’s larger than western Europe and rivals the United States (not including Alaska) for pure surface area. Not only that, it’s relatively empty – sometimes, roads can be driven for days without so much as sighting another car or person, let alone a restaurant, service or petrol station. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that the boot of your hire vehicle is stocked with essential supplies – water, emergency rations, a first-aid kit and the like.

For a road trip that’s considered both classic and idyllic, without being to far removed from civilisation, why not head for the Great Ocean Road? This 253-kilometre stretch offers some of the country’s greatest views, and you’re never too far from the next town, enabling you to pick up valuable supplies.

Take a GPS system and a paper map

Hiring a GPS satellite navigation system from East Coast Car Rentals is a great idea, as, in the vastness of Australia, it can sometimes be difficult to tell where you are. However, it’s also important to keep to hand a good old-fashioned paper map, as technology can sometimes fail us – physical maps will be helpful should the worst happen. This also means that you can plot your road trip route before you set off, stopping off at pre-determined stops for rests and refreshment.

Book your bed ahead

It’s worthwhile booking ahead with regards to your accommodation. This is because, as night falls and you’re looking to get your head down, it can be incredibly frustrating, time-consuming and expensive driving around looking for vacancies. Usually, a simple phone call is all it takes, so invest in a directory of accommodation places that can be found across Australia. This way, your bed for the night can be sorted out even before you’ve turned the key in the ignition, and will save a great deal of hassle in the long run.