Not more than two hours drive outside of Sydney you’ll find mountain ranges covered in eucalyptus trees. Hidden amongst the overwhelming greenery you’ll find waterfalls, trails, caves, botanic gardens and so much more. The Blue Mountains are a necessary stop for any Australian road tripper, so make sure you grab your hire car from the airport! Here’s why you need to visit.

Why are they called the Blue Mountains?

It’s not just the photos. These mountains really do give off a blue haze, and it’s due to the eucalyptus trees that are spread throughout them. The natural and impressive phenomenon is due to how oil that’s released from the eucalyptus leaves mixes with the dust and water particles in the air and causes the light to reflect back. It creates a blue tinge that almost seems to emanate from the mountains themselves, bringing an almost ethereal beauty to the views stretching out in every direction. 


Visit the Three Sisters

Possibly the most popular spot in the Blue Mountains, you’ll understand why when you gaze out at the three craggy pillars standing proud against the horizon. 

Named for an Aboriginal legend, the story goes that there were once three sisters who were bewitched into stone to keep them safe from three brothers of another tribe. However, the elder that turned them died before he could undo his spell and return them to life. Since that day they’ve stood tall, swathed in clouds, mist and beauty. 

Head to Echo Point for the best view of the Three Sisters, and make sure you’re wearing hiking boots. From this outlook you’ll find a variety of tracks you can explore. 

Count the waterfalls

You’ll find a great many waterfalls waiting for you within these mountains. Head to Govetts Leap Lookout to see the Bridal Veil Falls plunge into the eucalyptus depths below, or head to Wentworth Falls. There you’ll find water tumbling down layers of rock into a waiting pool. Don’t forget to make a stop at Leura Cascades as well. Take a picnic to enjoy while listening to the stream chuckling as it makes its way down moss-covered rocks. Once it’s done, brush off the crumbs and wander further to see what you can find. There’s more viewpoints to discover, as well as additional waterfalls. 

Get your Gollum on in the Jenolan Caves

The caverns in Middle Earth that Gollum hid away in have nothing on these ones. The Jenolan Caves are some of the oldest in the world. Decorated with awe-inspiring limestone formations and fossilized remains you might just understand why Gollum spent so much time underground. Excellent acoustics in these great caverns make it one of the most unique and incredible places you can attend a concert in, while spooky night time tours will leave you with chills that aren’t from the cold. 

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

Siblings are the theme for this region. Sister to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden is set up higher than any other of its kind in Australia. Cool-climate plants fill the flower beds, complemented by views over the mountains. You’ll find a garden for every taste, as well as food at the restaurant and picnic areas. 

Don’t miss out on visiting Australia’s gorgeous Blue Mountains. Take a break from the beaches and get lost in the hills instead. Book your hire care from Sydney today.