While flying off to Europe or North America is bound to make for a fun holiday, when it comes to an Australian summer, nothing beats a road trip across our country’s beautiful east coast. Besides, why would you want to leave our glorious warm weather for parts of the world where it’s cold and rainy at this time of year? Embrace the Aussie sun and embark upon a road trip along the gorgeous east coast.

The best thing about road trips is that they don’t always need to be meticulously planned in advance. Find a group of friends, hire a car and choose a destination and you’re off! This said, there are a few basics you’ll need to pack to ensure a smooth journey is had by all.


Foooooooood. We won’t tell you to avoid the Macca’s Drive Thru (it’s not a proper road trip without at least one frantic late morning breakfast run), but it’s a good idea to keep light, energy boosting snacks with you as you truck along. Foods such as muesli bars, nuts and fruit are great for keeping passengers comfortable and drivers alert.


We’re a tech-dependent species, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! The right electronics can turn a lacklustre road trip into the stuff memories are made of. A smart phone will be absolutely essential (no duh!).

Not only will you be able to check in with friends and family at home every now and then to let them know you’re okay, you’ll also be able to look up maps when you get lost and figure out the best places to go through apps such as Trip Advisor. Besides, how else are you going to ‘gram the east coast’s many beautiful beaches, restaurants, towns and tourist attractions?

The other non-negotiable piece of technology? A functional car stereo, an iPod and an auxiliary cord! Music is an incredibly important part of any road trip, so at the very least, ensure that you have a stack of C.D.s with you.

In case of emergency

Even though a holiday is almost certainly guaranteed to be fun, it’s always important to prepare for all outcomes and eventualities. Keep a first aid kit on hand and a car emergency kit in the boot. These should include reflective triangles, jumper cables, a flashlight and a multi-tool.

Another thing that most people don’t think to bring is a spare set of keys, kept in a separate bag. This way, you can avoid any awkward (but hilarious in hindsight) locked out of the car incidents. Keep these tips in mind when you’re packing and your holiday is guaranteed to go well!

How to pack for a trip infographic