You’ve just booked your rental car from Cairns. The first leg of your road trip down the East Coast of Australia is beginning. However, do you know the hottest spots to check out before reaching Brisbane?


You might have heard of Bundaberg rum. Or maybe Bundaberg’s Lemon Lime and Bitters, Ginger beer or other craft-brewed drinks. If not, suffice it to say you won’t lack something to quench your thirst in this town.

However, your favourite drink isn’t the only reason to visit this town. From November until the end of March, heading out to the Mon Repos Turtle Rookery is a must. Can anyone really pass up seeing baby turtles hatching?

Airlie Beach When we talk about the hottest places to go, we can’t miss out listing one of the best places for working on your tan along the East Coast of Australia. Airlie Beach’s man-made lagoon is the ideal location for lazing in the sun or enjoying a dip. They even have barbecues set up for free use, so don’t forget to grab some sausages from a local supermarket! If you need a break from relaxing by the water, drive to Conway National Park to get some exercise. Check out the birds that make this location their home, and don’t step in any termite mounds!
Townsville Despite the name suggesting otherwise, Townsville is Queensland’s largest regional city. The population sits at approximately 150,000 people, with more than enough university students to give the city a thriving night life. Pick out your sober driver and make sure you enjoy the atmosphere! You’ll also find:
  • The world’s largest living coral reef aquarium to marvel at.
  • Boat tours that take you diving in the Great Barrier Reef.
  • The Billabong Sanctuary, home to some of Australia’s favourite native animals.
Hervey Bay If all things water appeal to you, Hervey Bay is a natural stopping point. Here, almost any type of water sports is up for grabs, if you’re brave enough to try it. Some of the activities you’ll find include:
  • Diving.
  • Snorkeling.
  • Swimming.
  • Jet skiing.
  • Sky diving (with such a great view of the bay below, we’re counting this as a water sport).
  • Fishing.
When stopping in from July to November keep an eye on the waves. You may just spot migrating humpback whales hidden amongst them!

If you’d like to check out this stretch of the East Coast of Australia yourself, book your hire car from Brisbane airport today!