As a keen driver, you might think that all of the really good road trips in Australia are the ones that wind their way along endless miles of barren coast, or throughout the dry, red heart of the continent. You’d be wrong though, as there are a variety of beautiful drives to be explored in the areas surrounding some of the country’s biggest and most developed cities.

Take Sydney, the largest city in Australia and a highly developed area. You might not expect such a metropolis to host some of the prettiest roads in the region, but the Grand Pacific Drive begs to differ. Stretching over 140 kilometres south into the Southern Highlands, the route is the best ways to get to one of our favourite places on the east coast – Nowra.

The drive to Nowra

The drive from Sydney to Nowra offers a wealth of different scenery and potential places to stop. Listing them all would take a lifetime, so instead we’ve picked out two of the most popular and well-known destinations along the route where you might want to stop.

If there’s a ‘must-see’ part of this journey, it’s the Sea Cliff Bridge. Built into the side of a sheer wall of rock, the bridge is a massively impressive feat of human engineering, and if you’re looking for a place to stop and enjoy the view over the sea, nothing can beat it.

Another of the most popular attraction along the coast is the world-famous blowhole in Kiama. The largest in the world, this frothing landmark was first discovered in 1797, and tourists have been gushing over it ever since.

Arrival in Nowra

Once you’ve arrived in Nowra, you’ll have a few choices to make, as there are so many things to see and do in the Southern Highlands. For those of you who really want to get into the spirit of the area, there are plenty of quaint (yes, we known it’s a cliche, but its true) pubs and hotels where you can spend the night.

Regardless of whether you’re staying overnight or heading back to Sydney, the town is waiting for you to explore it. Highlights include Bens Walk, a 5.5 km trek with great views of the river and mountains, and Flip Out Nowra – an indoor trampoline area that provides hours of fun.

If you’re feeling a bit lazy after the drive, check out the historic house of Meroogal. Built in the 1880s, this gothic-influenced house provides a glimpse into Australian life throughout the last century – it has been continuously owned by one family – and showcases the unique flavour of Nowra better than almost anywhere else.