A new iPhone app and mobile-optimised website has just been launched by Eatability that will make finding food on your next road trip so much easier.

There is nothing worse than organising an Adelaide car hire, driving around for a few hours, hearing your tummy rumble and realising you haven’t got a clue where to get your next meal.

That’s where Eatability’s app comes in. It contains one of Australia’s most comprehensive local restaurant guides, which makes finding a place to satisfy your appetite in Adelaide a cinch.

More than 210,000 restaurants and reviews have been contributed to the website by Eatability’s food-loving online community. The app allows you to navigate these with ease, and even picks out which restaurants are closest to your current location.

Users are also encouraged to add their own reviews, ratings and even pictures to the website through their mobile devices, so the information available to other drivers is as up-to-date as possible.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, the app can even recommend which kinds of cuisine has been judged best in the area you’re driving through.

If you’re a food-lover, you could even base your road trip on particular types of tucker. Are you a huge fan of Japanese or Thai? Use the app to find out which areas in Australia serve the best and plot a car journey to seek them out!

Celeste Ong, co-founder of Eatability, revealed that “43 per cent of the Eatability community is accessing our site through mobile devices”.

“This shows many of our users are looking for restaurant recommendations when they’re out and about.”

Her company therefore decided it was high-time to go mobile and give the people what they obviously wanted!

Ms Ong says the new iPhone app and mobile-optimised website will give those driving their rental cars in unchartered areas a quick way to find and feast at the best restaurants available locally.

This is just one of the many advances society has made in the past few years to make rental car journeys more fun and stress-free for the whole family.

Another is Satellite Navigation, which you can hire from East Coast Car Rentals for a maximum of $55 per vehicle rental.

Gone are the days of having to pore over atlases and plot out your journey weeks in advance, and then panicking when you take a wrong turn and completely lose your way.

This can be an absolute lifesaver if you are geographically challenged or cannot tell a map from a matchstick. It also puts an end to those age-old conversations about how someone should have pulled over for directions an hour ago, and effectively stifles back-seat drivers.

While it is always a good idea to plan ahead if you’re making a long trip in the car, Satellite Navigation allows for a lot more spontaneity than following a map ever did. And, if you do happen to miss a turn, it will recalculate your route for you!

If you have both the Eatability app and Satellite Navigation, you can find out where the nearest restaurant that suits your tastes is located, plug it in the the Satellite Navigation system and, voila! You’re on your way to your chosen eatery.

Finally, if you’re worried about keeping the kids entertained on an epic car trip, a vehicle-friendly DVD player can work wonders.

East Coast Car Rentals also hires out these useful gadgets for a mere $7.50 per day, or a maximum of $55 per rental.

There are plenty more pieces of technology out there that we’re sure will be super useful on your next road trip to Adelaide – so keep an eye out!