Some of the most delectable bourbons in the world are produced right here in the land Down Under, with a number of the distilleries open for for tours and sample tasting. We've chosen two of New South Wales' best, both well worth a visit made easier by hiring a vehicle from East Coast Car Rentals. However, we must strongly suggest that you nominate a designated dry driver for the day, as samples of whisky are handed out throughout either tour – just one could be enough to put you over the New South Wales drink driving limit. Please exercise caution.

Black Gate Distillery

The Black Gate Distillery doesn't just produce whisky. An eclectic mix of vodkas, liqueurs and malts are crafted here, in a dizzying array of flavours. Spirits are made using traditional methods and local ingredients, some of them a little out of the ordinary. Though lime and lemon vodka are nothing new to seasoned vodka aficionados, using the lime version as a base for spaghetti sauce, must surely never had occurred to you? If you're looking for something withmore of a traditional taste, the Black Gate Distillery doesn't disappoint. They've recently produced their first bottles of single malt whisky, with an ABV of 50 per cent, so it's sure to produce a kick as beautiful as its peaty, smooth taste as it slides down your gullet. Trips to the Black Gate Distillery are by appointment only, but they are very easy to arrange. Simply get in touch via an email or phone call to secure your visit.

Bluestill Distillery

The Bluestill Distillery is cut from a different cloth. A long way from the dank, dark, underground cellar-like imagery that most people imagine when thinking of a typical distillery, the Bluestill is an airy, open and spacious affair with more than just brewing equipment – there's a 90 seat restaurant on site, serving home-made food with products hewn from the surrounding lands. The distillery also displays a range of artworks, carvings and artefacts gathered from the local area.   

The distillery itself was a later addition to the premises, but it's now a fully working production line of the good stuff, so come and take a look around at some of the methods of spirit distillation and every other step that goes into producing a bottle of your favourite nightcap. Like their near neighbours at the Black Gate Distillery, Bluestill like to experiment with a wide range of exotic flavours in their spirits. James Bentley Whiskey is a particularly popular tipple, so after your tour, be sure partake in a sample of 'The Australian whisky … so smooth … so country Australia.'