At East Coast Car Rentals, we aim to provide exceptional service along with our cheap car hire Brisbane pricing. As Brisbane and other parts of Queensland are now facing flood-level road closures, East Coast Car Rentals now provides a list of resources for our customers to effectively navigate their travel plans around hazards such as flooded roads and landslips as part of this ongoing natural disaster.

If you are visiting friends or family in Brisbane and do not know the appropriate sandbag pickup locations, they are as follows:

  • Guyatt Park, Bryce Street, St Lucia
  • Botticelli Street Park, Botticelli Street, Fig Tree Pocket
  • Hawthorne Park, Cnr Park and Oak Street, East Brisbane
  • Perrin Park, Josling St, Taringa
  • Darra Works Depot, Shamrock Rd, Darra
  • Morningside Works Depot, Redfern Street, Morningside
  • Newmarket SES Depot, Wilston Rd, Newmarket (in carpark off Erneton Street)
  • Zillmere Works Depot, Jennings Street, Zillmere
  • Stafford Works Depot, Turner Road, Kedron