Are you getting ready for a family trip to Brisbane? If yes, you'll be happy to know there are many things you can do with your kids in this sunny city. For some amazing attractions and ideas about what you can get up to, read on.

Terrific toys

Do your kids love toys? Do they love building and creating to their hearts content? Then you should check out Bricks 'n Fun in Capalaba. This Lego specialty store and play centre is a place where your kids can expand their imaginations, and pick up a toy that will keep them occupied for hours while you're in your hotel room or driving in your car hire. 

There is a massive display that depicts a bustling city, all made out of Lego. It's pretty spectacular, with fire fighters, a theme park, cites and moving cars and trains. You and your kids will have the chance to build your own cities and adventure theme parks in the Lego Build Room. A huge array of kits have been compiled, so book in your two hours build sessions and create something amazing. Do you have kids younger than five with you? The Duplo Corner will be perfect for them. While your children create and play, you can enjoy a coffee and snack in the seating area nearby.

Amazing animals

Spend a day in Brisbane meeting many animals. Tommerups Dairy Farm is an authentic sixth generation farm that is under an hour and a half drive from the city. This is where having your own rental car comes in handy. This is a great way to see more of the area, as the route will take you through some stunning landscapes and quaint towns.

Once you arrive at your destination, you'll be able to get stuck in to farming life. You'll milk cows, feed pigs, sheep and calves alongside the farmers on this beautiful farm. The 200 acre farm has been in the Tommerup family since 1874. Since then, it has been built up to be the thriving estate it is today.

If you're in the area on November 16th, head to the Darlington Community Markets. This country market is just five minutes drive from the farm and a memorable experience.

Alma Park Zoo is home to more than 200 animals and about 100 species from all around the globe, including South America, Asia and Africa. Here you'll see mammals, birds, reptiles, crocodiles and more. This is also a great opportunity to see a whole array of native animals such as the dingo, wallaby, kangaroo and Tasmanian devil.

Throughout the day there will be various exhibitions, be sure to go along to learn more about the animals and see them interacting with the zookeepers. The Hamadryas Baboon Presentation is on at 10:45am, and you can catch the Malayan Sunbear Presentation at 1:00pm.

Magnificent museums

There are many museums throughout Brisbane that will expand your kids' minds and teach them more about the world around them. There are also a number of attractions that will show you glimpses into the history of Queensland – such as The Workshops Rail Museum.

This museum is filled with exhibitions that will teach you all about the railways of Australia. You'll learn about the trains, the people and the journeys that were taken. Nippers Railway, the indoor interactive adventure playground, is a real highlight for your kids.

Give yourself about three hours to make the most of all of the activities, and be sure to pack a picnic and a cool drink to enjoy on the grounds. There is also a cafe where you can grab a bite to eat. The museum is open from 9:30am-4:00pm and a family pass, for two adults and four children, is $59.