Have an adventure and head down from the bustling metropolis of Brisbane to Ipswich, the home of rail in Australia.

This trip will allow you to catch a glimpse of some beautiful mountain scenery, wildlife and subtropical rainforest.

Queensland Wildlife Centre

The first leg of your journey in a car hire in Brisbane will take you to this park, where you will be able to spot some of Australia’s finest reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and other mammals.

Take a coffee break at the Green Tree Frog Cafe or see if you can sit in on one of the daily animal feeding sessions or wildlife ranger talks.

Bird lovers may also want to leave plenty of time to take a wander through the centre’s aviary, where you can spot a myriad of feathered creatures.

Dr Red vineyard

The next must-stop destination on your journey is this vineyard, located at 1076 Nebo Road.

Set on five hectares of land on the Eastern side of Brisbane Forest Park, this vineyard allows you to enjoy stunning ocean views with a snapshot of Moreton Island and the Samford Valley, as well as a sample of the local wines.

Jolly’s Lookout

For even better views of Moreton Island, Samford Valley and the Glass House mountains, this is the spot to stop.

You could end the day here with a beautiful barbecue as there are wonderful picnic facilities available.

Alternatively, you could burn off some energy on the Egernia Circuit if you have a spare hour. This track loops through beautiful eucalypt forest so you will be able to see lots of different birds as you walk around.

If you have a bit more time to spare, consider the three hour journey known as the Thylogale Walking Track, which joins Jolly’s lookout to Boombana.

D’Aguilar National Park

Located not far from the heart of Brisbane itself, this park offers visitors the chance to enjoy natural surroundings.

From beautiful forests to spectacular wildlife, this park has it all.

You could travel through unique eucalypt woodlands, gum forests or subtropical rainforests which, combined with the flat mountain tops, provide the perfect habitat for a wide range of wildlife.

See if you can spot great barred frogs, spiny crayfish in the rivers or yellow-bellied gliders and short-eared possums in the forest. You might get lucky and catch a glimpse of the powerful owl, Australia’s largest of this species.

Ornithologists will revel in the many opportunities to view birds in this area, with wompoo fruit-doves, bowerbirds, yellow-tailed black-cockatoos and bell miners often spotted, and heard, in their natural habitat.

Mount Glorious

If the sights and sounds of that national park weren’t enough for you, your enthusiasm for the outdoors will only grow as you stop in at this beautiful mountain in your car rental in Brisbane.

This small village is surrounded by the mountains of the park, and is often covered in mist owing to its location 680 metres above sea level.

Maiala National Park

Make sure you pack a picnic and head across to this beautiful spot. Build up your appetite with a bushwalk in the Maiala National Park, where you are sure to hear the sounds of a choir of rainforest birds. You can also walk up to the waterfall and fill your lungs with crisp rainforest air.

Lake Wivenhoe

This spectacular spot is the perfect place to do a bit of relaxing. Take some time to enjoy the serenity, as this area is famous for its quiet, relaxing water-based activities. Fuel-powered boats and domestic animals are not permitted in this slice of paradise.

However, you will not be at a loss for things to do! The many opportunities for biking, fishing, camping, picnics and swimming should keep you occupied.


The final destination of your journey, Ipswich, is the birthplace of rail in Queensland and dates its history back to the 1820s, so there are plenty of heritage buildings to feast your eyes on.

If that is not your cup of tea, you could always try your hand at some of the outdoor adventures and adrenaline-inducing activities the area features.

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