Whether you want to get your toes wet or simply find a beautiful background for that delicious picnic you've planned, Melbourne has plenty of beaches on offer.

Here are some of the best beaches to include in your itinerary when you visit this gorgeous city, just make sure you brush the sand off your legs before jumping into your rental car  in Melbourne for your next destination!

Brighton Beach

This is a famous spot to visit and is a must-see. You'll already be familiar with the brightly coloured bathing boxes that line the shore of this beach, but there's nothing like having your own snaps to prove you've visited this location and seen them for your own eyes.

There are 82 to see along this one kilometre stretch, so make sure you do a thorough count! 

If you'd rather not exercise your mathematical skills while on holiday, relax. This beach offers plenty more activities designed to keep you busy, even in the winter months.

In the summer you can enjoy a lie down, letting the sun's rays heat you up while on the shore. Swimmers will be just as entertained as sunbathers, with pure water as much of a feature as the clean sand.

When the wind picks up, there are plenty of waves. In the cooler months you could pop on a wet suit and hang 10. Or, enjoy some of the delicious treats on offer at local cafes and restaurants. And, there is a whole range of shops and galleries by this beach area – you might be able to find a beautiful souvenir.

St Kilda

Located in the Port Phillip Bay, this is one of the most popular beaches in Melbourne owing to its white sandy shore and calm nature.

Whether you want to go for a leisurely stroll down the pier, or balance on a paddle board, St Kilda can cater for your every whim.

Try your hand at kite surfing or head across to local attraction Luna Park and sneak in some thrill seeking action. If you get hungry, there is an abundance of cafes and restaurants located not too far from the beach itself.

If you're worried about where to put your car while relaxing at St Kilda, you can rest assured you will find a spot. The formal parking area has space for up to 100 private vehicles.

Port Melbourne

Not too far from the heart of Melbourne's CBD, this port has some wonderful sandy, swimming beaches to play in as well as playgrounds, walking tracks and bicycle paths.

This 2 kilometre long stretch of beach is backed by Beaconsfield Parade and promenade and is perfect for swimming. When the south-western winds pick up, this beach even receives strong surf.

For something a little more appropriate when the weather cools down, rug up in some layers and head down to one of the two available piers for a stroll or a spot of fishing.


Known as "Willy beach" to the locals, this is only a short distance from the city and is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. It borders the inner city suburb of Williamstown and provides beautiful views of the skyline.

This location is great for swimming despite the fact it's only 500 metres long – and there are plenty of other water-based leisure activities, too. In fact, this is one of the most popular sailing spots in the whole city. You will, no doubt, see plenty of boats adrift on the shore.

With 250 spaces for cars in the parking area, you could easily leave your car here and enjoy a bite to eat at Nelsons Place, which is not far from the beach. This is a mainstay of food culture in the suburb. Alternatively, pack a picnic and enjoy it along the wide sandy foreshore or on the reserves located next to the beach.