Planning an adventure along the Sunshine Coast? While you are in this slice of paradise, you may feel tempted to pack up your beach bags into your rental car and head to the ocean.

While swimming and sunbathing are great options to consider, if you're looking for something a bit more thrilling there are some other great activities you can participate in.


Whether you are a novice or frequently hang 10, there's definitely time for this pursuit here.

In fact, Sunshine Beach itself offers great surf and once you have had enough of the sport, there are plenty of beer gardens and pubs nearby where you can sink a pint and relax.

Walking or cycling

Peregian beach is a lovely quiet spot to head to for some peace. Take a walk along the golden shores and revel in the fact you may not see a single soul for miles.

This is the epitome of the word "chill" and you can get absolute privacy here.

If you don't fancy walking, you could also hire a bike and cycle from Noosa to Peregian. There are plenty of cycle paths that follow the coastline. You could always get your other half to pick you up in the car if you get too tired!

Listening to music

While you could bring your own stereo and choose the sounds to accompany your holiday, another alternative is to head to Kings Beach. 

This is not only a top beach where you can swim and surf to your heart's content, but the amphitheatre here often hosts bands so you can get your full of music without lifting a finger.

Just make sure you have packed a towel to lay down on and plenty of sunscreen!