Looking to travel around New South Wales? If you are after a trip that will stimulate your tastebuds as much as your itchy feet, why not experience some of the best food trends Sydney has to offer?

Here are five top trends this exciting city bring to the table.

Food trucks

Taking the world by storm, food trucks are essentially a mobile kitchen able to whip up a scrumptious treat on the spot.

This is genuine street food at its best! Whether you are after familiar truck fare such as pulled pork, Italian bite-sized delights, Asian inspired dishes or something Latin-influenced, there is bound to be something to satisfy your cravings. 

However, owing to their nature as a moveable feast, these trucks are on the go and you may need to download the Sydney Food Truck app onto your iPhone or Android device to find out just where the official trucks are located.

If you have your trip planning down to a fine art, it's likely you would already have thought to organise a rental car in Sydney, which will make it even easier to reach these destinations so you can be served up a slice of Sydney's foodie paradise.

New sources of protein

In 2013 the UN released a report suggesting Western countries should look to new forms of protein as farms are causing damage to the environment.

The report indicated insects would be a great alternative as they are both healthy and available.

Some Sydney restaurants may be taking the plunge and exploring these food sources.

If you are keen to see what the fuss is all about, why not jump in your car and head across to Surry Hills. There, Billy Kwong​' Restaurant serves up some delicious treats such as stir-fried crickets with chilli and blackbean​, Cantonese fried rice with roasted mealworms, crushed wood cockroaches and chilli cricket sauce, according to Tourism Australia.

Asian fusion

Austral-Asian flavours are set to go off Down Under and you may well want to keep an eye out for all sorts of mash-ups.

It would not be unusual, for example, to chow down on a Peking duck burger or hot dogs and kim chi.

Many Australian chefs have grown up with Asian food and new developments mean it is easier to keep some areas of tradition and authenticity alive while still adding a modern Aussie twist.

Why not head to Chinatown and see what you can find. Here, you could also wrap your lips around Sichuan, Shanghai, Hunan and Xinjiang cuisine as well as the Cantonese cooking that has been around since the gold rushes of the 19th century.

Native Australian ingredients

Many Sydney-based chefs are going back to the origins of cooking Down Under and revealing a larger focus on traditional Aussie ingredients.

This a real bonus for anyone concerned about their environmental footprint as it means the ingredients do not need to travel far from farm to plate.

Not only that but items such as Kangaroo meat have a very low environmental footprint. Look out for these on menus across the city, as well as wallaby, camel and emu meat.

Locally grown seafood is still popular also and you may find this is joined by other items once considered weed such as warrigal greens and saltbush leaves.

To determine which ingredients are home grown, make sure you look out for the (i) symbol on your menu alongside the (gf) for gluten-free. This indicates the product is indigenous and uniquely Australian.

Green juices

Holidays can be a busy time with many exciting things to fit into a limited schedule. If you are looking for a bit of a boost, why not sample one of the green juices Sydney has to offer?

These are packed full of superfoods, wholefood ingredients and often organic produce that may provide you with all the energy you need to maintain a busy routine.

Look out for ethical options, too, as free-range and sustainable options are set to continue to hold onto their high stakes in the popularity game.