With 7.7 million international visitors flocking to Australia in the year ending March 2017 according to Australian government, a lot of people, as well as yourself, will be thinking of the best way to see this beautiful country. 

Whether you’re thinking of booking car hire on the Gold Coast or jumping on a bus tour, read on to discover why renting a car should be your first and only choice in travel.

1. Freedom

With hiring a car comes a whole lot of freedom and fun. Simply stick to the rental agreements and you’re free to do what you want, whenever you want. Being spontaneous while travelling often makes the best memories.

Instead of being stuck on a strict, sightseeing bus, allow your trusted rental car to take you away from the crowds to places that tourist-filled bus tours would usually miss.

Making friends while seeing a new country is great, but who knows if a bus full of strangers will be your cup of tea? Travelling around in a rental car with your closest companions can make for a completely comfortable experience. And hey, where else can you get away with singing to the radio at the top of your lungs?

2. Flexibility

If you’ve booked car hire in Sydney and are heading up to Cairns, no one is going to tell you where and when to stop off. However, the same can’t be said for a bus tour. Stopping off whenever you want isn’t an option, meaning you can wave goodbye to things that aren’t on the agreed itinerary.

Hiring a car gives you the flexibility and creativity to plan your own awesome schedule between your booked dates. Want a little more time on the road? Call our team and they’ll be happy to help.

3. Convenience and cost

Find an East Coast Car Rental location near you with ease. With pickup and drop off spots spanning the East Coast, discovering the closest branch couldn’t be easier.

Make the most of our competitive and low rates and wave goodbye to expensive packages and silly add-ons and extras. Simply work out which type of vehicle you want and how long you need it for and we’ll create a competitive quote. All you need to worry about is who called shotgun first!

Not only are our prices hard to beat, we also offer a range of vehicles to perfectly tailor your travelling needs. Family of six or party of two, we’ve got just the rental car to suit.

If all this talk on travel has got you raring to take on your next adventure, look no further for booking your next hire car.