Road trips are one of the best ways to enjoy Australia’s east coast, but long jaunts spent in a hire car can get a little uncomfortable for those dependent on technology.

Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got a list of six essential road trip gadgets that will make even the grumpiest of teenagers smile.

1. The Coolest Cooler

It’s no Esky, but the classic Aussie cooler brand would have a hard time competing with this extraordinary cooler. The Coolest Cooler (yes, that’s its name), isn’t just a cold box for your food and drink – it’s that, and way, way more.

The Coolest range also comes packed with a Bluetooth speaker, USB charger, rechargeable battery and even high-performance blender. What’s more, it also packs in cutlery, a cutting board, bottle opener and LED lid light.

2. goTenna

While renting a car in Australia, mobile service could be a potential issue – but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck without.

goTenna is a new gizmo on the market offering mobile, well, mobile service. Paired with a smartphone, it allows the user to text and share GPS locations without needing to be in range of a cell tower. That way, if you split up somewhere out of service, you can still quickly and easily communicate with loved ones.

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3. Steamfast travel iron Holidaying in Oz doesn’t mean you have to rough it up, so we’ve included the convenient Steamfast SF-717 Travel Iron on our gadgets list. Self-described as the world’s smallest iron, the SF-717 weighs barely half a kilogram but still delivers the steam-packed power of its larger brethren. It comes with a non-stick soleplate, dual voltage and a convenient little travel bag. 4. ORBI Prime 360-degree recording sunglasses Imagine if you could record a full 360-degree video without needing the chunky equipment. Wouldn’t it be awesome to wander Australia’s greatest beaches, or its famous movie locations, filming it all in glorious HD while only wearing a pair of sunnies? OK, you need to check out ORBI Prime glasses. Currently in development after a highly successful Indiegogo campaign, this stylish set of eyewear can record 4K video all around you, sent straight to your smartphone for fast editing and sharing. All you need to do is wear the glasses, switch them on, and then go on your adventure! 5. Anker solar panel If there’s one thing we’ve got plenty of in Australia, it’s sunlight. Use that to your road tripping advantage by carrying an Anker PowerPort Solar Panel along for the ride. This compact gadget can quickly charge any device back to full capacity by replicating the device’s own charging protocol – what that means in layman’s terms is it’s both fast and safe. The Anker PowerPort solar panel is also strong, made from high-strength PET plastic and surge protection technology, so you can carry it around without fear of breaking the panels.
6. HUDWAY glass heads-up display When driving around Australia in your rental car, it’s important to keep your eyes on the road at all times, even if you need GPS directions. That’s why the HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Display was invented. This device fits to a smartphone and expands the image by 20 per cent, while displaying it on a mostly-transparent screen. With HUDWAY, you can view your typical HUD app (say, Navier HUD), while still being able to view the road through the glass.

Now that you’ve got your list of gadgets, it’s time to get your car. East Coast Car Rentals has locations all over Australia’s east coast, from Hobart right up to Cairns. To book your next trip with us, get in touch today.