Keep in mind, it’s every serious surfer’s dream to make it to Australia and surf the country’s famous waves. Therefore, whether you are an Australian resident, or just visiting, it is your duty to take advantage of every wave you possibly can. These waves should not go unridden! But with coastline stretching more than 25,760 kilometers, it’s hard for even experts to know where to begin to find the best waves.

Need help finding the best spots on the East Coast? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. All you have to do is pack up the rental van with your trusty board, read this compilation of the best surf spots in Australia and drive! Let’s get going, shall we?

The Pass at Byron Bay (NSW)

Byron Bay is one of Australia’s most famous beaches, and as such many surfers flock to this spot. However, there’s a ton of beach to this bay, so where’s the best spot to surf? Look no further than The Pass at the end of Clarkes Beach. It’s well known for having some of the best waves in Australia.

Bells Beach (VIC)

Bells Beach is another iconic surf spot and not one that you should pass up. These legendary waters attract all levels of surfers, and host to the annual Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival. And any surf that has good enough conditions to have a yearly festival is a spot well worth checking out.

A lone surfer riding a wave at sunrise
Take advantage of Australia’s amazing waves.

The Gold Coast (QLD)

It’s a little hard to know where to pinpoint the best waves on this destination specifically because it produces some of the longest waves in the world. One of the most extensive connections will take you on a ride from Snapper to Kirra for a full two kilometers. This endless surf is pure paradise for anyone looking for a little bit of cross country surfing.

Crescent Head (NSW)

These 25km out of the 25,760km have some of the best peaks in the world – specifically around the Port Macquarie to Crescent Head. Experts say the point-break at Crescent Head is a spot that’s best for long-board riders and contains conditions that are long sought over by serious surfers all over the world.

Noosa (QLD)

The swells in Noosa can reach up to 200 meters, though the conditions are perfect for beginners if you’re looking for starter waves. Beginners can watch and learn from the best by paddling right alongside them. But don’t pass it up if you’re an experienced rider, this spot needs to be checked off your bucket list.

A dog riding a surfboard
There are waves for everyone.

Seal Rocks and Pacific Palms (NSW)

Don’t forget to take in the beautiful scenery of all these surfing destinations! Seal Rocks and Pacific Palms are great for surfing, but it’s also an area worth taking a step back for a little reflection time. These waves are south-face so they’re at their best when a southern swell comes in.

Cactus Beach (SA)

Your trip will take you down to South Australia’s Cactus Beach, but only if you’re an experienced rider. It’s a hard ride, but one you can’t miss if you really know how to master a wave. If you’re feeling ambitious, make this destination the start of the trip. Once you’ve conquered these waves, you’ll feel like you can take on anything after that!

The waves can be challenging, but the transportation that will take you to these epic spots should be easy! Pop into your nearest East Coast Car Rentals shop and have a chat with one of our smart, friendly employees. In no time at all, you’ll be out the door and on your way to your first surf destination!