Are you planning a stargazing trip this summer? Adelaide is a fabulous spot, because it’s not only a cool city, but it’s also a central location from which to base your nights spent staring up. If you’re flying into Adelaide and want to get out and about to the best stargazing spots around South Australia, make sure you hire a car from East Coast Car Rentals.

If you aren’t  familiar with the state, and where the clearest viewing locations are during the summer months, you should keep the list below bookmarked!

Flinders Ranges

Once the winter storms are out of the way, and the nights become warm enough to stand outside for more than an hour at a time without your whole body shutting down, stargazing becomes a real pleasure. Of course, you’ll need to get away from the city lights, and the light pollution of smaller towns. Luckily, South Australia has plenty of outback to play around in.

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Head away from civilisation and you’ll come to the Flinders Ranges region. During the day, you can go exploring and climb some cool mountains (nothing too strenuous). At night, the sky becomes a real sight, though. It’s quiet, far away from all light pollution and the stars are stunning. Flinders Ranges is a must-see spot for any enthusiastic astronomers. Adelaide Planetarium

The Planetarium is great for the colder months, or when the moon is high in the sky creating a huge amount of light pollution.

While this isn’t traditional stargazing, the Adelaide Planetarium is a fantastic place to visit to learn about what sights you’ll see when you head out on your own. Around 5,000 stars are projected onto the dome-shaped ceiling – all constellations that are visible in the southern hemisphere. The Planetarium is great for the colder months, or when the moon is high in the sky creating a huge amount of light pollution. If you happen to plan a trip when the full moon is beaming down, it’ll make seeing the stars difficult. Of course, the moon will change over the course of only a few days, but if you’re desperate to get a taste of the clear night sky, the Planetarium is a great pit-stop. Eyre Peninsula Head to the end of the Eyre Peninsula and you’ll find Port Lincoln, which is a stunning vantage point where you’ll see the ocean, birds, and of course, stars. The edge of the peninsula can be a little windy so make sure you take some warm clothing or a blanket for your stargazing trip. Any sort of car will get you there, although the most advanced stargazers might need an SUV to fit their telescopes in! On a clear night, you’re virtually guaranteed one of the most beautiful skies you’ll see anywhere around mainland Australia, which is music to the ears of night sky enthusiasts.

If you haven’t got a stargazing holiday planned for this summer, and you’re on the fence about it, make sure you consider Adelaide as your next getaway destination. Bring along your telescope, or even some stargazing binoculars, and you’ll experience all that the South Australian outback has to offer.

To get you where you want to go, East Coast Car Rentals has a range of cars. From hatchbacks to vans, no matter how much equipment you’re bringing, we’ll get you into a suitable vehicle. We understand that holiday-makers may only bring a small suitcase on holiday, or they might bring boxes and boxes of gear. When you’re making your booking, make sure you consider the amount of stargazing equipment you’ll have with you. A hatchback probably won’t cut it.

For more information about your holiday to South Australia, and the best places to go to see the night sky, make sure you get in touch with the team at East Coast Car Rentals today.