If a tree falls in a forest but no one’s around to hear it, does it make a noise? If a millennial goes on holiday but they don’t post any photos to Instagram, did they really go on holiday?

All jokes aside, Instagram has become an integral part of our technological lives. While you’re always going to have the nay-sayers (as the Queen of Instagram herself once said, “the haters gonna hate”), documenting our lives on this social media site has become an incredibly special way to keep a record of our travels.

Instagram is a unique visual memoir for you to reminisce about all the places you visited.

Instagram is a unique visual memoir for you and your friends to reminisce about all the beautiful places you visited and the fun times you had there. Not only are these six locations in Sydney and Melbourne ideal for some A plus ‘grams, they’re also fantastic places to visit in and of themselves. Wherever you are on the East Coast, hire a car and make visiting them one of your priorities this summer. 

Brighton Beach Boxes, Melbourne

Melbourne is renowned for its creative and eclectic atmosphere. It’s no surprise then, that the beaches also share this same artistic attitude. Like something straight out of a Little Golden Picture book, Brighton Beach is lined with colourful beach boxes, which have been standing for about 100 years, showcasing the city’s imaginative spirit.

Spread out a beach towel and spend the afternoon lapping up the sunshine on the idyllic white sand, then snap a few pics to commemorate the day. 


Street Art on Fitzroy, Melbourne

Fitzroy is famous for its vivacious street art – it’s literally impossible to miss! Proudly displaying mural after mural of beautiful, fascinating and often thought provoking artwork, Fitzroy is wonderful in pictures on its own or as the backdrop for a squad photo. 

These murals are also constantly changing, so it’s worth making a trip this summer even if you’ve already seen them.

Centre Place, Melbourne

For those of you who are still upset about not receiving a Hogwarts letter (we know we’re still bitter), Centre Place is the perfect location for a remake of some Diagon Alley movie stills. Jam-packed full of eccentric stores and cafes, this mysterious alleyway is ideal for an afternoon of lunch and shopping. Whether you gram the food or the alley itself is up to you!

North Sydney Pool, Sydney

This pool is quite possibly one of the most uniquely located swimming pools in the world. Resting directly underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge, this spot is an Instagram double whammy because you get two beautiful landmarks in one and also a refreshing swim!

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Those of us with artists’s souls will appreciate the visual feast that Sydney’s contemporary art museum has on offer. From stunning light displays to quizzical modern installations, no two rooms in this museum are the same. From the gallery’s beautiful display of colours to its fascinating oddities, this place offers some brilliant photo opportunities. 

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Last but not least, where would a list of best Instagram spots be without Bondi Beach? By far Sydney’s most popular beach, this spot is the perfect place for all your favourite cliche Instagram poses (jumping up in the air, anyone?). 

Go for a nice long swim and work on that tan. Besides, where better to play hot dogs or legs?