The fact that the East Coast of Australia has some incredible spots for watching a new day dawn shouldn’t come as any surprise, considering the geography. The views that await are unmissable, even if you’re not a natural morning person.

Pick up your hire car from Sydney airport, set your alarm and get ready to watch light dawn on these five incredible sunrise destinations.

Echo Point, Three Sisters

The Three Sisters, located in the Blue Mountains, are a must-see on any Australian East Coast road trip. However, to make the moment and scene truly memorable, make sure you visit Echo Point in time for dawn. 

From there, you can watch the darkness ease into light as the sun rises in the sky behind the Three Sisters. Named so because of an Aboriginal legend that surrounds the formations, the Three Sisters create an incredible silhouette against the dawn and leave you feeling wrapped in the myths of the land. 


Byron Bay

The beautiful lighthouse stationed at the most easterly point of Australia is appropriately a stunning place to watch the day dawn across the country. On a clear morning, arriving in the dark will also give you the chance to stand in awe of the constellations clear and bright above. While the sea crashes against the rocks, wrap up warm in a blanket and settle in to enjoy the view. 

If you want to step your dawn chasing up a notch, consider a sunrise sea kayak tour in the bay. While seeing the lighthouse from a different angle and watching the changing colours of the sky, don’t forget to keep an eye out for dolphins, turtles and whales!

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is on the list of most instagramable places in Sydney for good reason. With a narrow bar of land lined by two gorgeous stretches of beach it’s hard not to appreciate the views, especially when standing next to the lighthouse to see them both at once. 

As it’s a popular Australian location, you can reward your efforts to get up in time for sunrise by visiting one of the local cafes for breakfast. Afterwards, head down to the beaches themselves to finish off the day. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you’re going to get up for dawn in Sydney, make it something special. Rather than just capturing the Sydney Harbour Bridge against a morning sky (which is beautiful in itself), watch the whole city come to life by climbing up one of the arches. 

Morning bridge climbs are available and they bring something magical to the experience of dawn. Not only are you trying something new, but you get to see a different side to the city and watch it transform from night to day. 

Nudgee Beach

Mangroves, sand ripples and the sea make Nudgee Beach a perfect place to watch the bold colours of dawn burnish the sky. Take a stroll along the beach boardwalk and enjoy this amazing patch of nature within Brisbane’s borders. 

If you’re flying into Brisbane and picking up your car from the airport located right next to Nudgee Beach, make this your first sunrise on your Australian road trip.

If you’d like to experience Australia’s East Coast sunrises for yourself, book your hire car today. Dawn is just one of the reasons a road trip around Aussie should be on your bucket list.