With the Great Barrier Reef, you may not find it surprising that Australia has some of the best diving on offer in the world. From shipwrecks to diverse and colourful sea life, you’ll find some great spots along the East Coast of Australia to admire the land under the sea from.

What are you waiting for? Grab your hire car today and go check out four of our favourites.


1. The SS Yongala Wreck

Diving straight into the world’s best, we have the SS Yongala Wreck.

Back in 1911, the steel freight steamer sank during a tropical cyclone, taking with it all its 120 odd passengers. It lay on the ocean bed for more than 40 years till it was rediscovered in 1958, 33 metres under water, resting on a sandy floor.

Now, it’s an incredible dive site for anyone with the experience to take on the stronger currents that are associated with it. The ship sits in amazing condition, but it’s the sea life that’s taken over manning the deck that will really steal your breath away. Coral-encrusted surfaces are visited by a massive variety of, well, massive marine life. Everything is giant, from the groupers and marble rays, to the travelly. You’ll also see barracuda, turtles, bull sharks, sea snakes and eagle rays.

Don’t forget to pack your underwater camera into your hire car – this site is one you’ll want to snap.

2. Cod Hole

We won’t water down how excellent this next dive site is. Located on the Great Barrier Reef itself, it’s one of the best underwater adventures Australia has to offer.

Unlike the SS Yongala Wreck, this dive site generally isn’t disturbed by currents, and the visibility is decent. With these conditions, and an average depth of 15 metres, it’s a spot for all levels of ability. Can you imagine anywhere better to learn how to dive than on the Great Barrier Reef itself? 

It’s said that this diving spot is named after the giant Potato Cod that make it their home. Schools of these friendly fish will welcome you, due to 30 years of being fed here by humans, and you’ll find that they weigh anywhere up to 30 kgs. They’re not the only marine life living there, however. As part of the Great Barrier Reef, the location is teeming with life, from Maori wrasses, whitetip reef sharks and more. 

3. North Horn

Another one found on the Great Barrier Reef and in the Coral Sea is North Horn. You’ll find the best visibility here, often reaching up to 40 metres, giving you plenty of chances to observe the full range of sharks that make the Reef their home! 

Grey sharks, silvertips, great hammerheads and the rare tiger shark have all been seen here, as well as fish such as rainbow runners and big dogtooth tunas. If you’re brave enough, schedule in to watch a shark feeding and feel your adrenaline kick in. 

4. Rapid Bay jetty

We don’t want to drown you with choices, but this last dive site can’t be missed. Only a 90 minute drive in your hire car from Adelaide, Rapid Bay jetty is a seadragon’s dream. These leafy-looking creatures have a natural habitat here, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better place to observe them. 

The jetty itself provides more than enough reason to go diving here as well. The pylons sinking into the sand are colourful with coral, sponges and ascidians. Explore and spot as many sea stars, cowfish and nudibranchs as you can. 

If diving in Australia sounds like something you want to do, book your hire car today.  At East Coast Car Rentals, we’re here to help make your Aussie road trip unforgettable.